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The Viome Guide to Oral Health

As scientists reevaluate the importance of the oral microbiome, oral health, and hygiene practices, we offer a guide to what we think is most important.


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10 Surprising Things You Can Learn from Viome’s Full Body Intelligence Test

The impact of the human microbiome on health has become quite a hot topic.

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Viome Guides

How to Make Supplements a Habit That Sticks

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Viome Guides

How to Determine Your Baseline for Health

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Step by Step: Gradually Introducing Your Viome Food Recommendations into Your Daily Food Routine

How to easily and quickly start to put your Viome food recommendations into action!

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Introducing You: Retesting the New and Improved

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Viome Guides

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling


Viome Guides

Exercise in Just 10 Minutes with HIIT

food prep

Viome Guides

Meal Prep 101: Easy Meal Prepping for Success

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Viome Guides

Easy Measuring for Healthy Portion Sizes

perks of personalized supplements

Viome Guides

The Perks of Precision Supplements

You decoded scores article

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You, Decoded: A Complete Guide to Viome’s Test Scores

A quick guide to your Viome health scores and the nutritional insights they reveal


Viome Guides

Exploring Supplements: What Do I Actually Need?

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Viome Guides

Viome Supplement & Probiotic + Prebiotic Formula Ingredients List


Viome Guides

What Does it Mean When a Food is on My Minimize List?

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10 Things Viome's Gut Test Can Reveal About Your Gut Microbiome

recommendations guide

Viome Guides

A Guide to Your Viome Recommendations