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NY minute

Gut Health

25 Easy Gut-Healthy Habits You Can Adopt in a NY Minute

What simple acts of health can you put in to support your gut and total body health?

Restoring gut balance after the holidays

Gut Health

5 Quick Ways to Begin Restoring Gut Balance After the Holidays

A holiday meal can hit the spot, but here’s how you can restore balance following a day of indulgence.

exercise for better digestion

Gut Health

Move More to Boost Digestion

Daily movement and exercise not only tones your muscles and improves your cardiovascular health–it can also help boost healthy digestion.

new child healthy gut

Gut Health

Does Your Child Have a Healthy Gut? Plus 5 Tips to Support Gut Health

What should you be on the lookout for to ensure your child maintains a healthy gut microbiome and digestion?

gas and bloating trouble

Gut Health

Gas? Bloating? Do Probiotics Help? Gas-X? What to Do for TRUE Digestive Relief

Gas and bloating are some of the most common digestive issues people have today. Do probiotics help? How about antacid and Gas-X?

digestive system augmented reality

Gut Health

4 Perks of Taking Postbiotics

Learn what postbiotics, which postbiotics are in Viome Precision Supplements, and read our four top reasons they can be beneficial to your health.

weight loss journey

Gut Health

The Science Between Your Gut Health and Your Weight Loss Journey

weight lifting

Gut Health

Gut Microbiome Health and Cellular Health are the Keys to Optimizing Physical Performance

Learn how your gut microbiome health and cellular health are the keys to optimizing physical performance.


Gut Health

How the trendy (and unhealthy) Dad Bod is connected to your gut microbiome health

Not only is the "Dad Bod" unhealthy, it can be connected to your gut health.


Gut Health

What is Gut Dysbiosis?

What is gut dysbiosis? Learn about this condition, the symptoms, and how it can affect your physical, mental, and emotional health.


Gut Health

A History of Celiac Disease

Gluten-free might feel like a fad. But Celiac Disease is no laughing matter for millions of people. Learn about the history and causes of this disease.

poop toilet paper

Gut Health

What Your Poop Says About You


Gut Health

Foods for Gut Health? Separating Facts from Myths


Gut Health

Is Gut Imbalance to Blame for Your Hormonal Changes?

Learn more about how your microbiome can affect your endocrine system and estrogen levels.


Gut Health

Gut Health and Disease: Is the Microbiome the Key to Curing Chronic Diseases?

Our gut microbiome is one of our most important human organs. Is it the key to curing chronic diseases?

heart gut health

Gut Health

Heal Your Heart Through Your Gut: Understanding the Gut-Heart Connection

Do gut health and conditions like leaky gut and SIBO impact heart health?

19 science backed ways

Gut Health

19 Science-Backed Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

insulin sensitivity food

Gut Health

Improve Insulin Sensitivity Through Gut Health


Gut Health

Can’t Lose Weight? 3 Ways Your Gut Bacteria Could Be to Blame

A healthy gut microbiome makes being healthy easier, while a toxic microbiome contributes to declining health. That means maintaining a healthy weight and more.


Gut Health

How An Unhealthy Gut Microbiome Can Make You Fat

The trillions of microorganisms living in your gut are responsible for nearly every aspect of your health, including gut imbalance, leakiness, and weight gain.


Gut Health

The Secret to a Healthy Gut Microbiome? Diversity, Diversity, Diversity!

Learn how microbe diversity plays a roll in your gut microbiome health and overall health.

bread celiac

Gut Health

Why Is Celiac Disease on the Rise? The Answer Is in The Gut Microbiome


Gut Health

Feel Like Hercules – Hack Your Gut for Optimal Performance

Science is proving there is a source of vitality that impacts every aspect of a man’s health – and that is the gut microbiome.