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The Viome Guide to Oral Health

As scientists reevaluate the importance of the oral microbiome, oral health, and hygiene practices, we offer a guide to what we think is most important.


Oral Health

Skip the Morning Breath: Daily Rituals for Oral Health

Bad breath is not only unpleasant, it can be embarrassing. How can you combat it naturally?

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Oral Health

The Harmful Effects of Poor Oral Health on Your Quality of Life

Many struggle quietly with oral health, which can affect your ability to socialize, work, and interact with others.

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Oral Health

Oral Health and Mouth pH: What You Need to Know

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Oral Health

Could Superorganisms Be Living in Your Mouth?

It sounds like science fiction, but bad oral health can contribute to predatory critters in our mouth.

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From the Top of the Tube to the Bottom: the Gut-Mouth Connection

How can you support your oral and gut health so they work as one synergetic unit?

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Oral Health

Do You Have a Hairy Tongue?

Yes, the question prompts immediate and additional questions!

Oral health and healthy aging connection


Aging Well: The Oral Microbiome Connection

Experts now know that neglecting your oral hygiene can speed up the aging process.

Oral health and skin connections

Oral Health

How Your Oral Health and Skin Health Go Hand-In-Hand

The link between oral health and skin health is stronger than originally thought.


Oral Health

How Quitting Smoking Can Improve Your Oral Health

While cigarette smoking has declined, smoking remains the largest preventable cause of illness in the world.

The true story about mouthwashes

Oral Health

Mouthwash & Your Oral Microbiome: A Cautionary Tale

At best, mouthwash acts as a temporary fix for bad breath. At worst, it could wreak havoc on your oral microbiome.

Dental Hygiene Month

Oral Health

8 Secrets of Good Dental Hygiene

What are the best oral hygene habit you should be doing every day?

Your Whole Oral Health Care Picture

Oral Health

How Your Dental Team Helps You Maintain Oral Health

Who is on your oral health team and how can they help you maintain a healthy mouth?

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Oral Health

28 Mind-Blowing Facts About Your Mouth & Oral Health

Fascinating facts on your mouth, teeth, and the history of oral health and it's impact on your wellness.

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Oral Health

How to Care for Your Teeth and Oral Microbiome at Every Age

Healthy oral habits as we grow and mature means a healtheir mouth and microbiome through all stages of life.

Oral Health at every stage of your life

Oral Health

The Origin Story Behind Our Oral Microbiome

The mystery that surrounds the origin of our oral microbiomes is revealed.

Can Oral Health and Oral Microbiome be supported

Oral Health

Supplements and Probiotics for Oral Health - Do They Help?

Is there more we can do to protect our oral health than quitting sugar and brushing our teeth?

Top Benefits of Green Tea for Your Oral Microbiome

Oral Health

Top Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Your Oral Microbiome

We know certain beverages can cause damage to your teeth, but what about the drinks that keep your mouth healthy?

Mouth Taping for Sleep - Benefits, Risks, and How it Works

Oral Health

Mouth Taping for Sleep - Benefits, Risks, and How it Works

Mouth taping is an increasingly popular practice for many people trying to improve their sleep and reduce snoring.

How Your Overall Health Starts in Your Mouth

Oral Health

How Your Overall Health Starts in Your Mouth

The link is so strong that there’s evidence showing that a clean and healthy mouth can help prevent certain chronic diseases.

6 Things That Will Revolutionize How You Take Care of Your Teeth

Oral Health

6 Ways to Revolutionize How You Take Care of Your Teeth

Having a nice smile and fresh breath is pleasant, but do you really know if you’re taking the best care of your teeth?

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Oral Health

What Your Oral Health Says About Your Heart Health

Evidence suggests that there is a connection between your oral health and your heart health.

Signs of an Unhealthy Oral Microbiome

Oral Health

Signs of an Unhealthy Oral Microbiome - And How It Affects Your Health

A healthy microbiome can support the health of your whole body. But did you know that a balanced microbiome starts in the mouth?

Redesign Your Oral Microbiome Routines 2

Oral Health

The Evening Routine You Need for Better Mouth Health

Your evening oral health routine can help your gums, teeth, and beneficial mouth bacteria flourish.