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Your gut knows what it needs this Christmas

Take the guesswork out of eating right with Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test

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Sample scores list
Sample scores list

What we do

Insights that will empower you.  

You'll learn about the living microorganisms in your gut microbiome through an in-depth analysis along with a personalized food and supplement plan to help bring you back into balance. 

start your journey in 3 Easy steps


You order your kit.

Register your kit, collect your sample, and complete your questionnaires.


We analyze your sample.

Send your sample off to our state-of-the-art laboratory for analysis.


You get results.

Your recommendations are delivered right to you through your Viome app, tablet, and computer.

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Why we do it

One man's food is another man's poison. 

While we humans share more than 99% of our DNA, tremendous diversity exists among us when it comes to our unique gut microbiome, the cornerstone of our health and the "second brain" of our bodies. Because no two people digest food the same way, a food that may be healthy for one person may cause inflammation in another. 

Analyzing the function of your microbes allows us to identify what metabolites they're producing so we can provide food recommendations that are right for your body.


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Viome mobile app

How we can help

Let food be thy medicine. 

The foods we recommend on each list are intended to help your microbiome stimulate the production of healthy nutrients that your body needs right now and minimize the toxins being produced which may be causing inflammation inside your body. 

Get to the bottom of what foods are right for you and discover how optimizing the activity of your gut can dramatically improve the condition of your health.

Our Products

With Viome's Gut Intelligence™ Test, you’ll receive:

  • Your Gut Intelligence Test kit

  • Your complete gut microbiome analysis & personalized scores

  • Lists of foods to enjoy, minimize, or avoid and why

  • Recommendations for probiotics & supplements 

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