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For gut + cellular health*

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Health Intelligence™ Test
with Gut Intelligence™




Personalized food & supplement recommendations to support:

  • Icon -  Gut Microbiome Health

    Gut Microbiome Health*

  • Icon - Cellular Health

    Cellular Health*

  • Icon - Mitochondrial Health

    Mitochondrial Health*

  • Icon - Immune System Health

    Immune System Health*

  • Icon - Stress Response Health

    Stress Response Health*

  • Icon - Biological Age

    Biological Age*

Our Health Intelligence Test is our most comprehensive test available, providing an in-depth analysis of your microbial, human, and mitochondrial gene expressions. This test reveals how your gut microbiome health is impacting other areas in your body and includes over 30 subscores related to gut microbiome health, biological aging (how you’re aging internally) cellular function health, immune health, energy levels, and stress response.

Collection method: Blood + Stool

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Health Intelligence

For gut health*

Gut Intelligence™ Test




Personalized food & supplement recommendations to support:

  • Icon -  Gut Microbiome Health

    Gut Microbiome Health*

Our Gut Intelligence Test analyzes your microbial gene expression and includes over 20 subscores related to immune responses, microbial activity, richness & diversity, gut lining health, and more. The nutrition recommendations included with this test encourage an optimal gut microbiome and represent the first step in improving your gut health!

Collection method: Stool

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Science is

The dominant medical-healthcare industrial paradigm is rewarded for the management of the symptoms of chronic disease, not the prevention or cure of them. Additionally, we often see a big gap between clinical studies and real world applications that directly benefit humanity, making incredible discoveries in technology, medicine, and science available to everyone at a faster rate. We are challenging this paradigm and have developed over 30 predictive models for some of the most prominent chronic diseases. We have over 20 clinical studies in process on the road to developing diagnostics and interventions for these diseases.

Recently, our AI platform was designated a Breakthrough Device by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for early detection of oral cancer and throat cancer, giving hope to incredible possibilities for the future!

As part of the Viome test questionnaire you’ll have the option to take part in our mission to make illness optional by participating in clinical studies to predict and prevent chronic diseases through a deeper understanding of an individual’s biology at a molecular level.