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Your Full Body Intelligence™ Test

Gut + Cellular + Oral Microbiome Support

This test is our most advanced health test, analyzing both oral and gut microbial activities and cellular functions to assess everything from your gut health to your oral health, inflammation response, cellular health, brain & cognitive health, heart & metabolic health, and other key areas of your health you'll want to focus on.

Your test results will help determine which nutrients will make it into your formula to address underlying triggers of microbial imbalance, inflammation, and other symptoms you may be experiencing. With over 50 Health Scores to help you truly understand the current state of your health, we’ll highlight optimal activities and suboptimal activities and functions that need extra supplement support. Your food list will include a unique list of foods for you, including Avoid foods, Minimize foods, Enjoy Foods, and Superfoods.

See all Full Body health scores

Your Precision Supplements

8 capsules per day | Delivered monthly

Your supplement capsules house a unique formula made just for you, including a combination of vitamins, herbs, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and food extracts to provide targeted support for your cells and microbiome, providing a foundation for total body health.*

Note that dosing varies per customer and is based on your test results to match your unique needs for biological functions that need support.

Your Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics

1 stick pack per day | Delivered monthly

Viome’s Probiotics + Prebiotics are expertly selected for your gut microbiome to improve digestive health, reduce gut permeability, and support healthy immune function. Depending on your unique microbial activity, your personalized blend will include 8-16 well-studied probiotic strains in your formula.

We’ll also match you with the most effective combination of prebiotic fibers to help with butyrate production, immune function, address gas production, and more.

Address root causes,
not symptoms

When your body isn't receiving the nutrients it needs to function optimally, it can lead to health consequences. Taking vitamins and minerals based solely on a deficiency may only mask the problem. Viome aims to target the root cause by providing you with targeted nutrients to improve those root causes, like suboptimal nutrient absorption, metabolism, cellular energy production, and so much more.

A unique formula for
every individual

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Our team of scientists carefully selects
ingredients for our Precision Supplements™
portfolio. You'll receive a unique combination
based on your test results.

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Food extracts

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Amino Acids

Health Scores

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Unprecedented insights include up to 50+ health scores that may highlight underlying contributors to poor health.

Full Body Insights

[Icon] Biological AgeBiological Age

We assess the activities of your gut microbiome, your cells, and your oral microbiome to determine how well you are aging at a cellular level compared with other people your age.

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to help you optimize specific biological functions responsible for how you’re aging internally.

[Icon] Gut HealthGut Health

Your gut microbiome is home to trillions of microbes that have a direct influence on everything from your mood to how you digest foods and even how your immune system responds to infections or allergens.

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to optimize your digestion, strengthen gut lining, and boost richness & microbiome diversity. 

Includes insights relating to:

  • Nutrient absorption 

  • Beneficial & harmful microbial activities

  • Intestinal barrier health 

  • Signatures of inflammation in the gut

[Icon] Oral HealthOral Health

Oral health impacts systems beyond the mouth and is intricately connected to your cardiovascular, immune, bone, and brain health.

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to rebalance your oral microbiome and lower the risk of cavities, bad breath, and leaky gums.

Includes insights relating to:

  • Activities of microbes in the mouth that contribute to gum inflammation 

  • Activities of microbial pathways that cause bad breath

  • Microbial activities that lead to cavities and tooth decay

[Icon] Cellular & Energy EfficiencyCellular & Energy Efficiency

When cells lack the nutrition they need, they can't keep up with the metabolic demands of the body, which leads to a loss of function and is the earliest measurable indicator of aging and health decline.

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to kickstart your cellular repair and cellular support processes.

Includes insights relating to:

  • Aging of your cells

  • Cellular stress

  • Cellular inflammation

  • Mitochondrial health

[Icon] Inflammation ResponseInflammation Response

Prolonged inflammation due to factors such as poor diet, increased stress, and environmental toxins promote health decline. 

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to support your body’s response to stress and immune tolerance.

Includes insights relating to:

  • Overall balance of your body’s pro & anti-inflammatory activity 

  • Immune system’s ability to address inflammation

  • Cellular functions under stress 

  • Microbial stress

[Icon] Brain & Cognitive HealthBrain & Cognitive Health

The gut microbiome aids in the development of our brain and nervous system as well as the management of neurological functions. 

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to boost brain health and functions that support your cognitive and mood health. 

Includes insights relating to:

  • Serotonin production-assisting pathways 

  • Microbial activities which contribute to the production of GABA

  • Activities that might negatively impact focus

  • Activities that impact your body’s pH balance

[Icon] Immune System HealthImmune System Health

A healthy immune system is essential for fighting off outside invaders like viruses, bacteria, and fungi, neutralizing environmental toxins, and preventing changes within cells that lead to a decline in biological functions. 

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to help support your body’s alarm system and repair mechanism.

Includes insights relating to:

  • Overall immunity

  • Body’s preparedness to fight off bad viruses & bacteria

  • Body’s ability to clear toxins

  • Manage oxidative stress

[Icon] Heart & Cardiometabolic HealthHeart & Metabolic Health

While many people simply think of managing their cholesterol to improve their cardiovascular health, in reality, many factors are at play, including oxidative stress, endothelial function, kidney function, and vitamin and mineral status.

Your nutrition recommendations are designed to optimize functions related to your heart health.

 Includes insights relating to:

  • Indicators of high oxidative stress 

  • Activities that promote inflammation

  • Vascular health

  • Cholesterol metabolism

All Full Body Intelligence™ Scores

Creating your formula

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With your Full Body Intelligence Test, we’ll consider the unique nutritional needs your body has on a molecular level. Your results will help determine your formula's ingredients and their dosage. Our customers average around 50 nutrients, but each formula is completely unique.

Your ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients you choose for your body, it is important to consider what you need and why you need it. Each ingredient in your formula will come with a description and education to support why this ingredient was chosen for you. Your Viome-recommended ingredients are designed to optimize microbial activity and boost cellular functions so your cells can do their job!

Refining your formula

We use your health scores and biological data to inform your formula.

We further refining it with

  • Your questionnaire
  • Current medications
  • Allergies you report

Our innovative manufacturing enables us to update your living formula with special requests, new test results, or improved ingredients.

Formulating your capsules

Your Viome-recommended ingredients are individually dosed, mixed, and shipped fresh to you each month.



Your formula is a
living formula


A concentrated dosage of powerful nutrients

It can be hard to get what your body needs from food alone. When considering how much you need of a particular ingredient, we consider the dosages used in clinical trials, the severity of your suboptimal scores, and the stage of life you’re in.

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Start with your test

  1. Test at home
  2. Results & recommendations within 2-3 weeks
  3. Within 2 weeks of receiving your results, your formula will be created, prepared, and shipped to your door.

Over 500,000 people
taking control of their
health with Viome.

We make smart supplements

The insights and innovation behind your unique supplement formula are made possible by our team of researchers, clinical nutritionists, and scientists from all over the world who contribute our platform.

Meet a few of our translational science & clinical nutrition experts

Janelle Connell


Translational Science
Clinical Expert

Janelle is a Registered Dietitian and Translational Scientist and has spent over a decade working in the field of personalized nutrition and health coaching. At Viome, Janelle is involved in the research and development of Viome’s personalized food and supplement recommendations and contributes to Viome’s ongoing clinical studies. She is a mom of three energetic children and enjoys gardening and DIY projects.

Grant Antoine


Translational Science
Clinical Expert

Dr. Grant Antoine is a naturopathic doctor passionate about patient empowerment and education. At Viome, Dr. Antoine is involved in clinical trial design and developing nutritional and supplement interventions for Viome’s user recommendations and efficacy studies.

Hilary Keiser


Translational Science
Nutritionist, Supplements

As a Translational Scientist at Viome, Hilary has worked to train the AI platform to make precision nutrition recommendations. She believes that Viome’s precision nutrition program can truly slow the progression of disease and may someday make illness obsolete. She is an avid yoga practitioner, snowboarder, food lover, and at-home fermentation enthusiast.

Julia DiDonato


Translational Science
Nutritionist, Supplements

Julia, a Translational Scientist & Clinical Nutritionist, brings a unique set of skills to Viome with a background in Food Science & Nutrition with a specialization in Dietetics from Central Washington University. She is an expert in nutrition counseling, helping with the implementation of food recommendations and supplement formulation.

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Quality is in our RNA

We have set strict standards for quality and purity and believe in clean label products.

Premium Ingredients

Our team of scientists carefully selects ingredients for our Precision Supplements™ portfolio which are vegetarian, vegan (when available), non-GMO, allergen-free, void of 8 major allergens: dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, shellfish, fish, tree nuts (including coconut and peanuts), and contain minimal excipients.

Quality Verified

Every ingredient must comply with strict specifications verified through analytical and purity testing performed by qualified and certified laboratories. In addition, each lot of product is analyzed for identity, purity, and strength to ensure our customers receive a consistent, efficacious product each month.

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Not a multivitamin

Over-the-counter multivitamins are formulated and dosed using a population model, or one-size-fits-all approach, which allows for mass production, benefiting the multivitamin producer more than the consumer. The problem is that every person’s body and microbiome are unique. Even two people who share the same genes respond differently to the same supplements! You are unique. Your supplements should be, too.

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Convenient & cost efficient

Our average customer’s supplement formula contains over 50 nutrients. Buying many off-the-shelf brands for these nutrients individually can be costly and often come with extra ingredients you may not need or ingredients that you should be avoiding at that time.

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