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Nutrition 2.0: Analyzing your biochemical individuality with mathematical precision to serve up your ideal diet

Going beyond today’s Nutrition 1.0, we describe a new nutritional framework that uses chemistry and math to deliver the optimal nutrition for you individually



5 Deliciously Healthy Potluck Recipes to Impress Your Guests

With these hearty salads, kebabs, and main dishes, you've got something for everyone at the next gathering.



Meet ViOS4.0 : Our Latest AI Platform Update Means Greater Benefits for Your Health

We are so excited to announce ViOS4.0, Viome's latest AI platform algorithm.

Stress Response and Socialization


How Social Connections and Stress Management Transform Your Health

Stress, anxiety and loneliness detrimentally affect our health and wellness. How can we restore our connection to ourselves, and those around us?

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yoga for aging


10 Simple Yoga Moves to Slow Down the Aging Clock

Incorporate these 10 yoga moves to help increase strength, flexibility and support mental health.

tea anti-aging


Revitalize Your Tastebuds with 3 Healthy Aging Tea Elixirs

You’ll feel like a magician when you brew up these magical, anti-aging elixirs

personalized oral lozenges

Oral Health

The Personalized Breath Mint: Discover the Healthy Benefits of Oral Biotic Lozenges

“Oral health” means so much more than a nice, white smile and fresh breath. That's where Viome's new VRx∙My Biotics Oral Lozenges come to the rescue.

Real Member Questions 3

Viome Guides

Real Member Questions: Microbial Activity, Probiotics, Supplements for Hair, and More!

Every week, we dive deep into the questions of our community where people like you seek to understand the connections between your body, nutrition, and happiness.

shared microbiome


Unseen Bonds: How Relationships and Daily Interactions Influence Our Microbiota

Learn how your microbiota (and your health) can change depending on the people you interact with daily.

OHI 10 Things blog image

Viome Guides

10 Things Viome’s Oral Health Intelligence Test Can Tell You

Bacteria in your mouth aren’t just responsible for plaque, cavities, and bleeding gums - they also contribute greatly to our whole body health