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Cranberry Orange Spritzer (1 of 3)


Festive Cranberry Orange Spritzer

Try this bright and delicious sparkling beverage as a great alternative to alcohol.

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The Heart-Gut Axis; the Link Between the Microbiome and Blood Pressure

While there is no easy fix for blood pressure issues, exploring the heart-gut connection could hold a key to management.

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10 Science Backed Ways to “Holiday Well”

Don't buy into the myth that the holidays should set back your health goals.

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Can You Sleep Your Way to a Healthy Microbiome?

What is the relationship between sleep and our microbiome, and how can we support it?

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Oral health and healthy aging connection


Aging Well: The Oral Microbiome Connection

Experts now know that neglecting your oral hygiene can speed up the aging process.

Community and wellness connections


The Surprising Side-Effects of Giving Back to Your Community

Is there a connection between giving back to your community and your personal health?

Healthy Holiday Bites - Avocado Ranch Dip


Delicious (and Healthy!) Snacks for Your Next Family Gathering

These 4 healthy and delicious snacks mean junk food will not be needed on your holiday grazing table.

Deep breathing—aka diaphragmatic breathing


The Good-for-Your-Gut Exercise You’re Not Doing But Should

Here’s how diaphragmatic breathing can help your health from head to toe.

Oral health and skin connections

Oral Health

How Your Oral Health and Skin Health Go Hand-In-Hand

The link between oral health and skin health is stronger than originally thought.

Thoughtful “conscious gifting”


How to Give “Better” Gifts that People Really Love

Learn how to make sure your gifts support causes and reflect your recipients interests and values.