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The human microbiome: What our microbes are doing is far more important than their names

Are the microbiomes of humans from different parts of the world very different?

3 day healthy reboot


Renew, Recharge, and Rejuvenate: Your 3-Day Healthy Weekend Reboot

Three days is short and sweet, but it is all you need to refresh your goals and remind yourself where you are going and why.

morning kombucha


Three Restorative Morning Elixirs for a Healthy Microbiome

Rise, shine, and drink up one of these three elixirs you can make at home for gut health

microbiome makeover


The Microbiome Makeover: Conditioning Your Gut for a Healthier You

Get a few tips to help keep your microbiome in a healthy balance and you feeling your best.

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Lentil and sweet potato soup


Mood Boosters: Six Recipes to Elevate Your Spirits

Food has a profound impact on our overall well-being, including our mental health and mood.

moms day pic


Wisdom from the Moms of Viome: Self-Care for the Caregivers

How can it be that the caregivers of the world, our mothers, are not that great at taking care of themselves?


Viome Guides

6 Things to Know Before Collecting Samples for Your Viome Intelligence Test

We gathered tips from our experts as well as Viome customers for each stage of collecting your samples so you can easily and efficiently expedite the process.

Innovating Healthcare


Innovating Healthcare: Harnessing AI and Data for Future Personalized Solutions

Read more about the future of personalized healthcare, and how it will affect human longevity.