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Savoring the last days of summer


Savoring the Last Days of Summer

Summer is all the sweeter because it never seems to last long enough.

Health benefits of lemon


5 Fantastic Health Benefits of Lemons

With its many benefits, lemons could become the main squeeze in your daily diet.

tips to handle the summer heat


Top Safety Tips for Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat

Fun in the sun can take a dangerous turn if we don’t take note of how our bodies react to the rising temperatures.

farro tabbouleh salad


Farro Tabbouleh Salad

The traditional Middle Eastern dish inspired this salad recipe that is ideal for a summer picnic.

holistic health routine


3 Habits to Add to Your Holistic Wellness Routine

The secret to adopting holistic health habits that stick? Building a routine filled with activities you actually enjoy.



Polyphenols: Your Nutritional Superhero

Among other synergistic compounds, polyphenols are the standout powerhouse behind a plant-based diet.

glowing skin


How to Discover the Best Diet for Your Skin

Viome partner and skin expert Rachel Varga shares how she helps her clients get clearer, glowing skin, with the help of personalized nutrition.

drinking coffee low energy


Increasing Energy: Are We Looking in All the Wrong Places?

To create more energy, we need to learn how to fuel the central powerhouse in our cells - the mitochondria.

weekend cookout healthy


How to Lighten Up Your Holiday Weekend Cookout

Your celebratory holiday weekend cookout doesn’t have to be unhealthy, but can still be delicious.



Maintaining a Healthy Mouth: 5 Simple Tips

Your mouth is home to countless bacteria. But there are plenty of things you can do to keep your oral hygiene in top shape.

microbiome refresher course


The Viome Microbiome Refresher Course

From the top of the tube all the way to the bottom, microbes have a lot of space to live on.

family exercise


Fun Ways to Stay Fit as a Family

Family movement and exercise cultivates bonding, healthy habits, and a little less screen time.

toes in the sand


Summer, Set, Go: 5 Ways to Look & Feel Your Best This Summer

Get ready to feel your summer best from the top of your head to the tips of your toes in the sand.

herbs and spices


5 Herbs and Spices You Should Try This National Herbs and Spices Day

Herbs and spices can do so much more than give your dishes that extra zest of flavor.

Dad with child


Dads Play a Special Role in the Gut Microbiome

Mom isn’t the only one to influence their child’s microbiome. As it turns out, Dad plays a role too!

prepping superfoods


Prep Your Superfoods Like a Pro

Celebrate National Fruit & Vegetable Month with some delicious inspiration.

forest great outdoors month


2 Easy Ways to Get Outside This Summer

During Great Outdoors Month, it’s time to enjoy some well-deserved R&R.

sunlight on skin


Illuminating the Health Benefits of Sunlight

Sol gives life to planet Earth, and is essential to our health and well-being.

community hands


How to Find Your Community to Support Your Health Journey

Groups you are part of create connection and can be a positive influence on your health journey.

man doing yoga


Why You Should Move More to Boost Digestion

Turns out movement is good for your body and your microbes. How can physical activity benefit your gut microbiome balance and diversity?

woman smiling


Have You Heard of Leaky ‘Gum’ Syndrome?

You may have heard about how a “leaky gut” can affect your health. But what about “leaky gums?"

sweet potato crust quiche


Summer Squash, Corn, and Onion Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust

A sweet potato crust gives this delicious, vegetable-packed, quiche recipe an original twist

lentil stew


Spiced Lentil and Rice Stew

Lentils, vegetables and bone broth with a special ingredient–spiced ginger tea–make for a flavorful Ayurvedic-inspired stew

women's health and wellness self care


Self Care, the Key to Improving Women’s Health

Many women feel there is simply not enough time for self care. But taking a moment to focus on yourself can give you that extra boost to your health, inside and out.