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Meet your invisible army. In the ongoing fight for good health, scientists have begun to turn to an army of unexpected allies – bacteria and other microorganisms.

New technologies used by microbiologists to study tiny organisms – bacteria, viruses, archaea, fungi and more – have quietly ushered in a new era of medicine and a new understanding of the forces at work within our bodies.



A person’s microbiome  is the entire collection of microbes living in and on the body. The microbiome forms a living layer over your skin and parts of the inside of your body, including the lungs and the digestive tract, from the mouth all the way down to the colon.

Only when the microbes in our gut are in balance does our body absorb nutrients the way it should. This function is essential for wellness and healthy aging.


Viome's Science & Technology

Feel confident in knowing your recommendations are backed by science.

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Sequencing Technology

Viome’s technology captures everything that is happening in the gut microbiome – the key word here is happening.

Our metatranscriptomic sequencing technology allows us to see every microorganism in your gut microbiome and analyze the activity of these microorganisms. Originally, took 15 years to sequence the human genome. We are now sequencing AND analyzing your gut microbiome – which includes identifying trillions of active microbes, and their pathways, and functions – in just a few weeks!

More on Gut Microbiome Biochemistry

Every living organism produces RNA molecules from their DNA. By sequencing all of the RNA in the samples we receive, we can identify and quantify all of the living microorganisms in the gut at the species and strain level. The end result? A higher resolution view of your gut microbiome than has ever been available before.

While identifying the microorganisms in the gut is important, we gain the most insight when we can also understand their function. To maintain health, our bodies require many biochemicals produced by the gut microbiome. Some well-known examples are vitamin K, B vitamins, and short-chain fatty acids (for example butyrate). The microbes can also produce harmful biochemicals, such as LPS. Many microbes are capable of making both good and bad biochemicals. The biochemical output depends on the food we eat and the interactions among the hundreds of species of microorganisms.

By analyzing the genes that microbes express, we can identify which metabolites they produce – in other words, we can determine their role in your body’s ecosystem. By following Viome’s diet and lifestyle recommendations, a person can fine-tune the function of their gut microbiome to minimize production of harmful metabolites and maximize the production of beneficial ones.*

Here are some of the amazing things we can see with metatranscriptomic technology:


If your microbiome is not able to process nutrients in foods like spinach, beets, and almonds.


If your microbes are not able to digest the amount of protein you are eating.


If some of those healthy antioxidants you’re eating aren’t really benefiting you.


If you’re eating too much iron and promoting the growth of unwanted bacteria.

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Artificial Intelligence

Through artificial intelligence, we are able to discover what foods and supplements are ideal for you, your cellular health and gut microbiome – so you can experience optimal health.*

Our artificial intelligence engine runs multiple analyses of your data across our massive database of information. Carefully selected high-quality peer-reviewed scientific literature, expert knowledge from our team of scientists, biological testing, and customer feedback educate and train Vie – our AI machine.

More on Viome’s Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence engine runs multiple analyses of your data across our massive database of information. Carefully selected high quality peer-reviewed scientific literature, expert knowledge from our team of scientists, biological testing, and customer feedback educate and train Vie – our AI machine.

We meticulously collect this information and use it to educate Vie – this is called knowledge representation and machine learning in the world of AI. Vie helps us sort through mountains of data to find correlations among microorganisms, their functions, and external issues that people face. With the help of Vie we can understand your microbiome tests with greater accuracy and speed. Vie is able to algorithmically process massive data sets and discover patterns through statistics, decision analytics, logic, and other mathematical techniques.

This process is an ongoing loop where we train Vie and incorporate the resulting outcomes to our ongoing improvements and discovery, constantly refining every step of the way.

Research & Clinical Trials

Our scientists run an extensive clinical research program focused on developing science-based personalized nutrition algorithms towards achieving optimal health and wellness.*

We are working in collaboration with leading organizations like the Mayo Clinic, GSK, and others which will allow us to amplify the critical importance of personalized nutrition in health and wellness.

Published Papers

Clinically-validated human capillary blood transcriptome test for global systems biology studies

A Robust Metatranscriptomic Technology for Population-Scale Studies of Diet, Gut Microbiome, and Human Health

Gut microbiome activity contributes to individual variation in glycemic response in adults

An accurate aging clock developed from the largest dataset of microbial and human gene expression reveals molecular mechanisms of aging

Open Studies

Blood Transcriptome Gene Expression Cohort Study

By providing a few drops of blood, you can help Viome study gene expression and push boundaries in human health.

Closed Studies

Glucose response to various foods

Enrollment is closed for this ongoing study.

Functional changes in the gut microbiome over time

Enrollment is closed for this ongoing study.

Biomarkers of chronic inflammation

Enrollment is closed for this ongoing study.

Diet tracking & the microbiome

Enrollment is closed for this ongoing study.

Fiber prebiotic

Enrollment is closed for this ongoing study.

Viome vs. Others

What is the difference between Viome and other gut microbiome & human health testing companies?

The table below compares Viome's technology with the technology most commonly used by other microbiome testing companies today.

16S SequencingMetagenomic AnalysisViome Metatranscriptome Sequencing
Identifies only a fraction of your gut bacteria; unable to identify nonbacterial microorganismsCannot identify all RNA microorganismsIdentifies all microorganisms living in your gut
Sequences DNA, which can come from food and dead microorganismsSequences DNA, which can come from food and dead microorganismsSequences RNA, which comes from live microorganisms that have a great impact on our health
Low resolution (mostly genus and lower resolution)High resolution (species and strain level), but does not include RNA virusesHigh resolution (species and strain level) of all microorganisms
Unreliable; sequencing the same sample twice can yield very different resultsMinimal variation in results, but partially biased analysis (no RNA viruses)Minimal variation in results and unbiased analysis
Does not measure microbial gene functionsDoes not measure microbial gene functionsQuantifies expression levels of active microbial gene functions
Does not assess what the microbes are doing Low resolution and lack of gene expression data preclude actionable recommendationsDoes not assess what the microbes are doing Lack of gene expression data preclude actionable recommendationsAllows assessment of pathway activities that can lead to personalized health insights and recommendations with molecular-level precision based on what the microbes are doing

Gut Intelligence Test

At-home gut health test

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Health insights and nutrition to support:

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    Gut health*

  • Food and nutrient recommendations for your gut microbiome health*

  • Precise dosages for supplements, prebiotics, and probiotics based on your gut microbiome health*

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