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Pathogen detection and characterization from throat swabs using unbiased metatranscriptomic analyses.

International Journal of Infectious Diseases, Vol 122,


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Nutrition 2.0: Analyzing your biochemical individuality with mathematical precision to serve up your ideal diet

Momo Vuyisich PhD, Nan Shen PhD, and Guru Banavar PhD

CDOT blog featured image

Early cancer detection saves lives! A salivary RNA test for oral and throat cancer

Cristina Julian PhD, Tunji Ogundijo PhD, and Guru Banavar PhD

Cell Graph Dall-e for scores blog

Health insights: how to listen to the biochemical pathways in your microbiome

Eric Patridge PhD and Guru Banavar PhD

Signal in the Noise 2 (Gru+DALL-E)

The journey of your sample: how your biological data turns into your custom nutrition

Lan Hu PhD and Guru Banavar PhD

Taxa+Functions (Guru+DALL-E)

The human microbiome: What our microbes are doing is far more important than their names

Guru Banavar PhD, Vishakh Gopu MS, Momo Vuyisich PhD

Biological Data from DNA, RNA, Microbes, Cells (Guru+DALL-E)

To Digitize and Decipher: An introduction to Viome’s Research Blog

Guru Banavar, PhD