Wisdom from the Dads of Viome – Supporting Our Dads and Dads To Be

Dads of Viome

We know that the Dads of Viome do it all: dedicate themselves to their work with equal dedication at home with family, kids, and household. They’re the rock, the support, the base upon which everything else leans. They strive to be better at what they do every day, at home, in the office, and in their everyday lives. In this post, we spotlight some memories from a few of our own dads and take a look at some excellent advice on fatherhood from our very own founder and CEO.

Meet the Dads!

Roger babies

Roger Ung, Viome Lead Engineer

Carly - 3, Jayden - 5 mo.

adam family

Adam Rodrigez, Viome Financial Planning and Analysis Lead

Charlie - 6.

anu family

Naveen Jain, Viome Founder and CEO

Ankur - 33, Priyanka - 29, and Neil - 26.

What can individuals and communities do to support dads and families more?

Roger: Caffeine!

Adam: I think asking questions like this is a good start.

Individuals and communities can continue creating atmospheres where Dads feel comfortable enough to share experiences of what has gone well and what has gone wrong. The world is changing very quickly, and it's important to get varied perspectives. Relying solely on the perspectives of other fathers within one's own family can sometimes limit the range of insights available. By fostering atmospheres where dads feel at ease sharing their successes and struggles, we enable a broader exchange of ideas and experiences, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of modern fatherhood.

What do dads need to know about the microbiome and personalized nutrition to help themselves and their families be at their best?

Roger: How the foods we eat affect us. What we can do to improve.

Adam: I just eat what Viome tells me to because it's been working out great.

What is your favorite Father’s Day memory?

Roger: Haha my life as a father is just beginning; I would say at this point just waking up to a healthy family. 😅

Adam: My son, making me chocolate-covered strawberries.

A few words of wisdom on being a dad from Naveen:

Reflecting on parenthood, Naveen has said, “Being a father has been, without a doubt, my greatest source of achievement, pride, and inspiration. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love, reinforced the importance of giving back, and taught me how to be a better person.”

In a discussion on parenting with XPRIZE founder and thought leader Peter H. Diamandis, Naveen told him, “Our job as parents is to leave a better world for our children, but to also leave better children for the world.”

On the Ben Greenfield - Life - Podcast, when asked by biohacker and fellow parent Ben how he would like to be remembered by his children, he stated: “They tell me every day. By giving them the lessons of life and unconditional love, we actually have given them what they needed in their life to be successful.”