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Cold exercise


Your Guide to Cold Weather Physical Activities

Snow might be falling but that doesn’t mean you need to take your workout routine indoors.

moonshot webinar


Inspiration and Takeaways from “Find Your Moonshot”

Recap of Naveen Jain’s live “Find Your Moonshot” Webinar



How to Set Goals for the New Year That You’ll Actually Reach

Could you use a reset? Here’s how to make it happen.



Family, Friends & Experiences: What Makes the Holidays Special for You?

During the holiday hubbub, it can be difficult to focus on what the season really means to you.



Don't Let Stress Ruin Your Holiday Joy

Between the stressors of financing gifts and hosting guests, here’s how to make the holidays manageable - and dare we say, enjoyable - again.

Community and wellness connections


The Surprising Side-Effects of Giving Back to Your Community

Is there a connection between giving back to your community and your personal health?

Holiday Meal “Triage


How to Begin Restoring Gut Balance After the Holidays

A holiday meal can hit the spot, but here’s how you can restore balance following a day of indulgence.

The new world of wellness travel


The New Niche World of Wellness Travel

Wellness tourism is booming, with new destination experiences in health and wellness.


Oral Health

How Quitting Smoking Can Improve Your Oral Health

While cigarette smoking has declined, smoking remains the largest preventable cause of illness in the world.

sleep patterns


Reset Your Circadian Rhythms with Seven Steps to Better Sleep

Light sets our circadian rhythms. Less light means adjustments must be made to support our sleep-wake cycles.

halloween pumpkins


How to Navigate the Halloween Sugar Rush

With just a few tricks, you can learn to enjoy the treats of the holiday.

Fall in love with the season


Fall in Love With the Season

Navigate the shift to fall with these simple routines to promote health.

Why Do You Need a Good Self-Care Discipline


Does Your Self-Care Routine Need a Dose of Discipline?

When we make time for everything else but ourselves, it can come at a cost. How can self-care rescue us from the demands life places on us?

SportsNutrition article(Viome)


6 Ways to Upgrade Your Diet to Support an Active Life

It seems a common theme that nutrition is a big piece of the jigsaw when it comes to athletic performance.

Measure What Matters How to Create a Sustainable Wellness Pla


Measure What Matters: How to Create a Sustainable Wellness Plan

What is truly important for becoming healthier?

Fasting as a Therapeutic Approach to Health


Fasting as a Therapeutic Approach to Health

Fasting and intermittent fasting is a simple, yet effective way of eating and is praised for its many health benefits

Key Habits to Meeting Your Goals and Dreams


Setting Yourself Up for Success - Key Habits to Meeting Your Goals and Dreams

Are there barriers in the way to you achieving your goals? You may want to take a look at your daily habits.

Mouth Taping for Sleep - Benefits, Risks, and How it Works

Oral Health

Mouth Taping for Sleep - Benefits, Risks, and How it Works

Mouth taping is an increasingly popular practice for many people trying to improve their sleep and reduce snoring.

How Your Overall Health Starts in Your Mouth

Oral Health

How Your Overall Health Starts in Your Mouth

The link is so strong that there’s evidence showing that a clean and healthy mouth can help prevent certain chronic diseases.

6 Things That Will Revolutionize How You Take Care of Your Teeth

Oral Health

6 Ways to Revolutionize How You Take Care of Your Teeth

Having a nice smile and fresh breath is pleasant, but do you really know if you’re taking the best care of your teeth?



Why We Need to Breathe Deeper

Managing your natural “fight or flight” stress response can be as simple as employing breathwork to breathe deeper.

Grilled Salmon with Peach Salsa (5 of 5)


Grilled Salmon with Fresh Peach Salsa

Adding the unexpected sweetness of peaches to your fiery salsa gives an extra punch to your usual grilled salmon.



A Digital Detox Could Give You These 5 Benefits

In this “always-online” world, it’s more important than ever to master the art of unplugging.

Checking In


The Pause: 5 Ways to Slow Down & Tune In to You

Here’s how you can check-in with yourself physically and mentally with practices devoted to enhancing your me-time.