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Wisdom from the Moms of Viome: Self-Care for the Caregivers

How can it be that the caregivers of the world, our mothers, are not that great at taking care of themselves?

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Empower Your Heart: Daily Routines for Lasting Cardiovascular Vitality

In the pursuit of a heart-healthy lifestyle, adopting certain habits plays a pivotal role in fortifying cardiovascular well-being.

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Creating Lifestyle Changes for Better Health: 8 Ways to Form Sticky Habits

Habits shape the rhythm of our existence. From the mundane to the profound, these repeated behaviors wield a profound influence on our well-being

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The Only Health Trend You Need to Watch in 2024 (and 8 Others You Should Try)

Focus on what matters most - which way your personal health is trending; are you getting healthier or do your daily habits and choices compromise your vitality?

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6 Harmful Habits to Stop Right Now and 6 Healthier Habits to Start in 2024

It's the perfect time to reflect on our habits and make intentional choices to feel better, maybe even fantastic.

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How to Use Simple Science-Backed Lifestyle Hacks to Improve Your Health

Discover the power of simple, science-backed lifestyle hacks to transform the health of your body, mind, and even your microbiome

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Why A Post-Meal Walk Is Great For Your Digestion–According to Science

Feeling a little tired and full after that meal? Why a walk is great right after you put down that fork.

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24 Ready-to-Enjoy Ideas for Healthy End-of-Summer Activities

We’ve pulled together 24 of our favorite ready-to-enjoy activities for you to soak up the last few end-of-summer weekend vibes.

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5 Easy Tips for Throwing the Perfect Outdoor Summer Dinner Party

Summer evenings outdoors with friends, and family, where you make seasonal fruits and veggies the stars of your party.



Quick Start Your Fitness Routine Reboot With These 10 Tips

We’ve collected a sampling of movement tips to support your wellness and microbiome health.

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“Vitamin N” - Your Microbiome Wants You to Spend Time Outdoors in Nature

Being in nature is not only good for getting vitamin D, and boosting your mood, it’s good for your gut!



6 Key Questions Before You Start Snacking

We can have a functional or dysfunctional relationship with food, which can evolve and change as we change and grow.

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5 Anytime Moves to Increase Strength and Wellness

Increase strength and overall wellness with these 5 simple at-home movements.

Cold exercise


Your Guide to Cold Weather Physical Activities

Snow might be falling but that doesn’t mean you need to take your workout routine indoors.

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Inspiration and Takeaways from “Find Your Moonshot”

Recap of Naveen Jain’s live “Find Your Moonshot” Webinar



How to Set Goals for the New Year That You’ll Actually Reach

Could you use a reset? Here’s how to make it happen.

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How to Transform Difficult Conversations Into Healthy Connections

How can you take control of those awkward mealtime conversations?



Family, Friends & Experiences: What Makes the Holidays Special for You?

During the holiday hubbub, it can be difficult to focus on what the season really means to you.



Don't Let Stress Ruin Your Holiday Joy

Between the stressors of financing gifts and hosting guests, here’s how to make the holidays manageable - and dare we say, enjoyable - again.

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Does Your Gut Microbiome Like to Travel as Much as You Do?

What happens to your gut health when you travel?

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10 Science Backed Ways to “Holiday Well”

Don't buy into the myth that the holidays should set back your health goals.

Community and wellness connections


The Surprising Side-Effects of Giving Back to Your Community

Is there a connection between giving back to your community and your personal health?

Thoughtful “conscious gifting”


How to Give “Better” Gifts that People Really Love

Learn how to make sure your gifts support causes and reflect your recipients interests and values.

The new world of wellness travel


The New Niche World of Wellness Travel

Wellness tourism is booming, with new destination experiences in health and wellness.