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Debunking The Myth of Universally Healthy Food: How to Eat for Your Biological Individuality

One man's food is another man's poison. Why are even 'healthy' foods not healthy for every individual, all the time?

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Get Energized with the 4 Best (and Worst) Foods to Sustain Your Energy

The foods we consume play a vital role in providing the nutrients our bodies need to function optimally.

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5 Simple, Packable Remedies to Soothe Your Upset Gut While Traveling

To keep your travel plans smooth and your stomach at ease, here are a few preventive measures

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Six Foods to Eat (and What to Avoid) to Boost Cellular Health and Energy

We often focus on diet and exercise for our overall well-being. But a crucial element goes unnoticed: cellular health and energy efficiency.



The Bittersweet Impact of Artificial Sugars on Your Body and Microbiome

Zero calorie artificial sugars boast benefits for our waistlines, but what are the dangers that lie beneath?

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Discover 5 Delicious Ingredient Food Swaps for a Healthier Heart

Discover five simple ingredient substitutions to make your favorite recipes heart-healthier.



Food for Thought: 10 Brain Healthy Foods for Peak Performance

From diet choices to physical fitness and movement, every action we take impacts our brain function and overall well-being.

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How Personalized Nutrition Can Promote Cellular Health

A balance must be maintained between cellular material and cellular activity for cellular health to remain optimal.



The Big Soil Problem and Why Whole Foods May Not Be Enough

There is a dirty side to farming–and it has to do with the quality of the dirt these days.

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Detoxes and the Body: Why Colonics Are Not the Answer to Gut Health

For many who struggle with digestion, looking for ways to rid your body of toxic waste seems like a natural interest.



Are Almonds Really Healthy or Not? (The Answer May Surprise You!)

Why would almonds NOT be healthy for you? Find out!



10 Easy Ways to Sneak More Fiber Into Your Day

Up your fiber game and help your gut microbiome stay balanced and healthy

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Getting Wise on Nutrition Labels: Why You Should Read and Understand Them

Navigate the nutrition facts labels on the food you eat like a pro.

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The Not-So-Sweet Side of Sugar and Our Microbiome

Shocking sugar statistics and the effect of sugar on our microbiome.

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The “Signal in the Noise” - How to Know if Your Gut Microbiome is Off-Kilter

We need our gut to host a balanced environment of beneficial bacteria and minimize potentially harmful bacteria

Tasty treats that won-t hurt your teeth or gut


Tasty Treats That Won’t Hurt Your Teeth or Gut

Here’s our favorite tooth and gut friendly snacks that will leave you satisfied.

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How to Navigate the Halloween Sugar Rush

With just a few tricks, you can learn to enjoy the treats of the holiday.

Is the science really THERE for true personalization of nutrition and supplements


Personalized Nutrition and Supplements: Is the Science REALLY There?

Can science and technology tell you the best types of nutrition for optimal health?

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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Diet to Support an Active Life

It seems a common theme that nutrition is a big piece of the jigsaw when it comes to athletic performance.



Everything You Need to Know About Fermentation

From ancient times to our modern refrigerators, here’s the how and why behind fermentation and its nutrient-enriching properties.

Fasting as a Therapeutic Approach to Health


Fasting as a Therapeutic Approach to Health

Fasting and intermittent fasting is a simple, yet effective way of eating and is praised for its many health benefits

Gut Feelings How Your Gut and Mind are Connected


Gut Feelings: How Your Gut and Mind are Connected

Research shows that digestive and mental health, including everyday mood, go hand-in-hand more than we may be aware.



Better Breakfasts: Ideas for Every Type of Diet

Starting the morning off with the right meal makes a world of difference in your day.

How Trendy Diets Can Wreck Your Microbiome


How Trendy Diets Can Wreck Your Microbiome - And How to Prevent It

The latest diet trend can be alluring, but they can also wreak havoc on your gut microbiome.