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Improve Insulin Sensitivity Through Gut Health

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The struggle to lose weight and ward off disease has a lot to do with your insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity can be defined as as, “how responsive your cells are to insulin". Improving it can help you reduce insulin resistance and the risk of many diseases, including diabetes.

Improving insulin sensitivity is a goal to put at the top of your health goals. Why? It’s well documented that controlling your blood sugar levels is crucial to your overall health.

The problem? You may have already tried supplements like fish oil and magnesium to increase insulin sensitivity but perhaps haven’t seen the results you want yet.

Real change can be found through gut health. Don’t forget: It’s very possible to increase insulin sensitivity (and reap the benefits of weight loss and overall health) as insulin sensitivity isn’t a fixed mechanism and can be altered by diet and lifestyle. Despite this opportunity for positive change, a dangerous reality looms. Insulin resistance, which is when cells in your body don’t use insulin correctly, and which Healthline reports “ increases the risk of being overweight, having high triglycerides , and having elevated blood pressure .” Not to mention excess hair growth and disruptions in one’s menstrual cycle. Yikes. No thanks.

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The Department of Vascular Medicine at University of Amsterdam authored a study called “ Improvement of Insulin Sensitivity after Lean Donor Feces in Metabolic Syndrome Is Driven by Baseline Intestinal Microbiota Composition .” What does this mean? The health of the microbiome alters insulin sensitivity. Another quote from the study reads, “Fecal microbiota transplant from a lean donor improve glucose metabolism and is associated with changes in intestinal microbiota.”

Furthermore, researchers have made the link between insulin resistance and the gut. A study
out of The Laboratory of The Biomedical Research Institute found that “Alterations in intestinal microbiota composition could promote a pro-inflammatory state in adipose tissue that is associated with obesity and insulin resistance.” Another study even pointed to specific microbiota that is linked to insulin resistance.

Start your path to great insulin sensitivity today. Order a Viome test and get your gut functioning at its top capacity. Avoid insulin resistance and lose weight, feel better and enjoy health.

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