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The Connection Between The Gut Microbiome & Glycemic Response

Monitoring your blood sugar has enough challenges - but how you respond to foods can be drastically different than the people around you. That is why relying on the Glycemic Index to choose the right foods for you may not be enough.

Scientists have found that your gut microbiome also can impact how your food affects your blood sugar and how much energy you get from your diet.

Each person digests food differently based on their gut microbiome. At Viome, we studied how different individuals responded to foods and found that people experienced very different glycemic responses even among the same foods like bananas and bread.

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Glycemic Response

The hallmark of a healthy gut microbiome is a rich and diverse balance of microbial flora.

How Viome Can Help

Your gut microbiome consists of trillions of bacteria that help you digest your food and absorb the nutrients your body needs. Depending on your diet, your microbiome could either produce beneficial compounds or irritating substances that could impact how much glucose crosses into your bloodstream and how your metabolic rate.

With everyone’s gut microbiome being uniquely their own, it makes sense why yours responds in its own unique way. In fact, you may only have 50% of the same kinds of microbes as your neighbor - but their population and community impact could be even more radically different.

And although the Glycemic Index can help you identify foods high in glucose, Viome can help you find out which foods are right for your body to help balance your gut and your blood sugar, while guiding you toward a healthy weight.

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Your best advocate for getting just the right food and supplements your body needs is Viome. Our team at Viome goes beyond a Google search or one-size-fits-all answer to give you evidence-based results on which foods you should enjoy, minimize, and avoid for a more controlled glycemic response.*

The research connecting the gut microbiome and the brain is gaining momentum, as scientists are uncovering how interlinked they are in health and in how we feel. Because of the complex relationship between diet, mood, and the gut microbiome, scientists have found that dietary changes can impact the relationship between dysregulated digestion and metabolism with mental health disorders. Many studies have also shown that those who suffer from intestinal issues and disruptions to normal digestion note various mental health symptoms like anxiety and depression. The gut microbiome plays a significant role in the production and interaction of many neurotransmitters necessary for the body and mind to function at its best. In a recent clinical study from the Viome Health Sciences team, Viome recommendations were shown to help relieve issues associated with digestion and even lessened disruptions to mood, such as symptoms of depression and anxiety. Read the Viome study published in a well-known scientific journal here.

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