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6 Things to Know Before Collecting Samples for Your Viome Intelligence Test


Your test kit has arrived - what's next?

You have your test kit. The time has come to collect your sample or samples (the number of samples you take depends on which type of Viome Intelligence Test you will take). 

If this is your first time collecting your samples, you may have questions and even experience some trepidation about the process. Many people do. However, we are here to guide you at every step. To help, we gathered tips from our experts as well as Viome customers for each stage of collecting your samples so you can easily and efficiently expedite the process. The sooner you ship your samples to the Viome Lab, the sooner we can get your Viome results and recommendations to you.  

Your samples are the key to deciphering what your body is saying to you in the form of issues, symptoms, and troubles. Viome expertly translates with our testing process, extracting and identifying the elements of your unique biochemistry. Then ViOS, our robust AI platform, takes over to analyze that data using advanced algorithms to understand how well your biological pathways are functioning. From there, ViOS creates a precision-crafted set of nutritional ingredients and foods to move you more to a state of optimized health*. 

If that sounds good, let’s get you collecting your samples to send them back to the Viome lab.

You don't have to wait 

We're taking a snapshot of your health as it is right now. So, it’s best to take your test while living your usual lifestyle and routine.

Your test results and recommendations will show you where you are currently and get you dialed in with the best nutrition to help you move forward on your health journey. 

First things first

Don't forget to register your kit! Use the Kit ID printed on the inside of your instruction booklet. 

Registration allows us to identify your samples from your test kit and results, and connect them directly to you. 

register kit

After you register your kit, you can collect your samples right away. 

Note: if you are testing with others in your household, be sure to keep all kit contents, as well as your Kit ID, completely separate. Your kit is unique to you.  

Follow the instructions

Keep that instruction book from your kit handy. It explains exactly how to collect each sample with easy-to-read, individual steps. We also have an instruction video for each sample type if you would like further clarification. We recommend watching each before you collect.

Set your kit in plain sight

When you're ready, put your kit where you'll see it first thing when you get up in the morning. 

The bathroom vanity is a great place to place your kit. This way, you'll see it when you wake up in the morning, and it will remind you to:

  • Take your saliva sample first thing before you brush your teeth or use any mouthwash

  • Take your blood sample right after your saliva sample, before you eat or drink anything besides water

  • Take your stool sample when you're ready, any time of the day is fine

If you are collecting two or three samples for your test, try to collect them all within the same day or within 2-3 days for best results. 

Collecting your saliva sample

Of the three samples you may need to collect (depending on test kit type), saliva will most likely be the simplest. We recommend doing it first thing when you wake up, before eating or drinking anything except water. Don’t brush your teeth or use mouthwash beforehand. Just swish some water in your mouth for ten seconds and spit in the sink. Then you’re ready. 

Our proprietary collection tube makes it easy:

  • Spit up to the red line (don’t measure bubbles)

  • Unscrew and remove the funnel

  • Screw on the green cap tightly

  • Shake for 15 seconds

  • Give the green cap one more good twist before sealing it in the zip bag to ensure it will not leak in transit. 

Having trouble getting enough saliva?

No worries. There are a few things you can do to increase the amount of saliva in your mouth. They may sound a little odd, but they work well. 

  1. Massage your cheeks

  2. Knaw or chew on your tongue gently

  3. Think about sour foods like lemons

  4. Think about your favorite foods

Tips on how to collect your blood sample

For some individuals, collecting a blood sample can feel like a challenge.

Below are tips and advice from our experts and customers who have tested many times on how to make collecting blood easier.  

And as always, you can reach out to us for guidance.

If collecting blood makes you particularly nervous, try and get someone to help you. Ask them to prick your finger with the lancet and collect the blood for the tubes. Be sure they read the collection instructions and wash their hands with soap and warm water before assisting you.

Occasionally, blood flow to the fingertips can be slow, and it may seem hard to collect the few drops needed to fill the two blood tubes. 

A few tips:

  • Drink a full glass of water before collecting. Hydration helps with blood flow

  • Wash your hands in warm water (as warm as you can stand–but not hot enough to hurt your skin) for two minutes. This will bring the blood to the surface of your fingertips

  • Flap or shake your hands and arms, or "windmill" your arms a few times in the air to get blood flowing into your hands

  • Massage your hand and the lower part of your fingers to increase blood flow to the tips

Minivette tips

The purple plunger Minivettes are designed to collect just the right amount of blood needed to fill your blood tubes (two Minivettes per tube). 

Be sure to hold the Minivette in the correct position to collect those drops of blood from your fingertip. 

The illustration in the booklet shows the best position:


This allows the blood drop to very easily so it can be "sucked into" the Minivette. 

There's no need to do anything else or push the tip of the Minivette into your finger or the blood.

If the Minivettes are challenging to fill, you may use the alternate collection method of dripping your blood directly into the tubes, as explained in the booklet:

drip blood

Ensure the drop from your finger drips directly into the tube and does not run down your finger.

Fill the blood to the 0,50 line on the tube. This should be about two drops of blood. Do not underfill, but it's okay to overfill slightly. 

We recommend filling both of the tubes in your kit, but if you are unable to fill both, you may fill just one and send it to the lab along with your other sample(s).

How to collect your stool sample

In case you were not aware, a stool sample is involved in three Viome Intelligence Tests (Gut Intelligence™, Health Intelligence™, and Full Body Intelligence™). 

Your stool has a wealth of information that is analyzed and deciphered at the Viome Lab using our specialized process and robust AI platform. 

How much info is analyzed? Find out more here!

You can collect your stool sample at any time of the day. If you are keeping your test kit in the bathroom, you’ll be ready to collect whenever you need. 

Place the sample collection paper over the seat of your toilet, letting it hang down just above the water, and secure it with the sticky edges. 

Use the spoon located on the cap of the collection tube to collect a very small, pea-sized amount of stool, and place it into the tube. Screw the cap onto the tube and give it an extra, good turn to ensure it’s closed tightly and will not leak in transit. Next, shake your collection tube for 30 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds, then repeat the process two more times. This will thoroughly combine your sample with the preservative solution.

Place your sample tube into the zip bag and seal. 

Don't worry about messing up

Mistakes can happen. Here are some common mistakes that can occur during the sample collection process:

  • Overfilling sample tubes. Only a small pea-sized sample is needed for your stool. For saliva and blood, you only need to fill up to the lines marked on the outside of the tubes.

  • Spilling preservative solution. All of the preservative solution in your sample tubes is needed to keep your samples stable for their journey to the lab. It's best to keep the caps closed until you're ready to fill the tubes with your samples.

  • Loose sample tube caps. Leaks can occur in transit. So, before placing your sample tubes in the zip bags, give each cap one more good twist to ensure they are tightly closed.

  • Shake, shake, shake. Shake each tube vigorously for the indicated times in the booklet to mix your sample thoroughly with the preservative.

Don't be too concerned about messing up. Just do your best according to the instruction booklet, and send your samples in as soon as you can. 

We'll handle everything from there.

You're almost finished

After all your samples are collected, caps tightened, and tubes are sealed in individual zip bags, place them all in the prepaid envelope, and remove the strip to expose the adhesive to seal. 

Viome provides a prepaid mailing envelope for shipping within the US; please see international shipping instructions here.

Drop them into the nearest USPS mailbox as soon as possible (your sample is kept stable in the preservative for 28 days). The sooner you mail them, the sooner we can get to work!

You should see your sample arrival date in the Sample Tracker in your Viome app and can follow your sample as it goes through the testing process at our lab. Haven't downloaded the app yet? It's available for iOS and Android


Wrapping things up with the Questionnaire

Sign in to your Viome account and answer your Questionnaire as soon as possible after you drop your samples in the mail. The first questions you answer will be related to your samples and sample collection (such as date collected), so answering these questions as soon as possible is best. You’ll need to fully complete the Questionnaire so we can generate and release your test results and recommendations.

The online questions you complete, along with your samples, help inform the recommendations we provide. The Questionnaire allows you to share essential information, such as current health conditions and medications needed to personalize your Viome recommendations.

You've done it!

Sit back while we do our work (more on that here), and you should have your test results and recommendations in about 2-3 weeks. 

Well done, and welcome to Viome!