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Create Meal Plans and Menus With Your Viome Foods in Minutes with AI

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Personalized weekly menus in seconds?

When you first open your app to take a look at your test results and recommendations, a whole new world of foods opens up for you. Maitake mushrooms, Jerusalem artichokes, natto, and pomellos may all be on your Superfoods list. You may also have familiar foods like apples, watermelon, turkey, onions, and kale!

But with a list of over 300 foods broken down into Superfoods, Enjoy foods, Minimize foods, and Avoid foods, it can seem daunting to start integrating your new foods into your daily meals. Sitting down with recipe books or cooking magazines to find new dishes can take time.

What if you could take a shortcut and, with a few moments of your time, enter your list of personalized foods, preferences, and goals and, with the push of a button, transform them into an organized weekly menu of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for you? And even provide a shopping list? 

Sounds like something from the future, but this technology is available to you and easily accessible on nearly any device. Advancements in AI over the last 12-18 months are astonishing and grow more sophisticated each day–and new applications make them very simple to use.

AI to the rescue

AI is now here to stay for the everyday smartphone user. Large Language AI Model (LLM) platforms such as ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, Jasper Chat, Bing AI, and many others operate very much the same way chatbots on any website work. However, the power of the entire internet is behind the answers and explanations that these tools generate for you. And you can hold a conversation with them much like you would with another person.

For our purpose of illustration, we will be using ChatGPT for our demonstrations. 

How can AI help me use my Viome recommendations?

ChatGPT can suggest and help you generate menus, grocery lists, recipes, new dish suggestions, or anything else you would like to ask. All you need to do is create a “prompt” or a request for information. If the information you get back from your prompt isn’t quite what you were looking for, adjust your prompt a little bit and ask again. See how Chat adjusts the information it pulls for you.

A few things to remember:

  • Don’t share any sensitive, private information about yourself on this public platform. All information is saved by ChatGPT for possible future use. 

  • Double-check sources and information. Chat pulls data from the entirety of the internet. There is both accurate and inaccurate information across the internet. 

  • If you don’t like something that ChatGPT creates for you, toss it out and start over. Let Chat know you would like another recipe, menu, or answer.

Create a menu with your personalized Viome food lists

Visit and create an account with an email address. There is a free version of ChatGPT, as well as a newer pay version. The free version is fine for these purposes.

To start, you’ll need to select a list of foods from your recommendations to create your menu prompt. We suggest typing these into a document or a spreadsheet and saving them for future use.

  • Your Avoid foods

  • Your Superfoods 

  • As many Enjoy foods as you know you will eat (include things like oils, vinegars, herbs, spices, seeds, nuts, and other things that would be included in dressings, sauces, and other elements of recipes). This will give you a wide variety and diversity in your nutrition (which your microbiome loves) as well as your menu.

  • Any Minimize foods you would like to include

Your personalized menu “prompt” should look something like this:

“Please create a weekly breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu for me using the foods: [Superfoods here] [Enjoy foods here] [Minimize foods here]. But please avoid these foods in the meals: [All Avoid foods here].”

Type or paste your prompt in the “Send a message” box at the bottom of the screen and press the green arrow button to execute. And away you go!

From this point, the "conversation" can continue with ChatGPT.

Request more ideas for breakfasts, lunches, or dinners.

Request recipes for a specific type of meal or a specific meal.

Request a shopping list for your new personalized, weekly meal plan.

You can even ask for detailed information about each food or ingredient, including nutritional values, as well as historical and cultural details.

Asking ChatGPT for other helpful ideas, lists, or suggestions

When the various holidays throughout the year roll around, throw a few curve balls at ChatGPT and find out how you can incorporate some of your favorite Superfoods into traditional dishes for the celebrations.

Chat is also a good source of fun party game suggestions as well! 


You can even come to the dinner table with a full list of conversation starters that steer clear of anything that is of a polarizing nature.

The super-useful tool for menus, recipes, ideas, and much more

So, as you can see from our demonstration videos, you can ask Chat many different questions and get some fantastic answers. 

ChatGPT is available for browsers at, and is also available for iOS and Android. 

Happy menu making!