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The Bittersweet Impact of Artificial Sugars on Your Body and Microbiome

Zero calorie artificial sugars boast benefits for our waistlines, but what are the dangers that lie beneath?

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Detoxes and the Body: Why Colonics Are Not the Answer to Gut Health

For many who struggle with digestion, looking for ways to rid your body of toxic waste seems like a natural interest.

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Inflammageing and the Microbiome

How is the concept (and reality) of “inflamm-ageing” connected to the health of your gut microbiome?



Can Cold Therapy Work for You and Benefit Your Health?

Learn more about the benefits of hot and cold therapy as well as how temperature changes impact your body.



Are Almonds Really Healthy or Not? (The Answer May Surprise You!)

Why would almonds NOT be healthy for you? Find out!

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Alcohol Intake and The Microbiome - How Much is Too Much?

Too much alcohol can damage your liver, but did you know it’s also bad for your gut?

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From the Top of the Tube to the Bottom: the Gut-Mouth Connection

How can you support your oral and gut health so they work as one synergetic unit?

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The Link Between Circadian Rhythms and the Gut Microbiome

What is known when it comes to the links between the gut microbiome and circadian rhythms?

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The Not-So-Sweet Side of Sugar and Our Microbiome

Shocking sugar statistics and the effect of sugar on our microbiome.

How does your Gut Microbiome can vary based on seasonal variations, as well as where you live in the world


Does Your Environment Affect Your Gut Microbiome?

Turns out, the environment likely impacts the gut microbiome more than genetics.

Gut Feelings How Your Gut and Mind are Connected


Gut Feelings: How Your Gut and Mind are Connected

Research shows that digestive and mental health, including everyday mood, go hand-in-hand more than we may be aware.

How Trendy Diets Can Wreck Your Microbiome


How Trendy Diets Can Wreck Your Microbiome - And How to Prevent It

The latest diet trend can be alluring, but they can also wreak havoc on your gut microbiome.

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How the Modern Diet Is Affecting Our Gut Microbiota

Our relationship with our microbes is suffering because we’re not providing the simple things our gut community needs.

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Oral Health

Oral-Brain Axis and the Connections to Your Health

When our mouths are healthy, they’re home to billions of bacteria, both “good” and “bad.” The “good” ones play a key role.

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The Viome Microbiome Refresher Course

From the top of the tube all the way to the bottom, microbes have a lot of space to live on.

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The Microbiome Makeover: Conditioning Your Gut for a Healthier You

Get a few tips to help keep your microbiome in a healthy balance and you feeling your best.

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Dads Play a Special Role in the Gut Microbiome

Mom isn’t the only one to influence their child’s microbiome. As it turns out, Dad plays a role too!

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Oral Health

Have You Heard of Leaky ‘Gum’ Syndrome?

You may have heard about how a “leaky gut” can affect your health. But what about “leaky gums?"

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A Fit Microbiome: Movements that Have a Positive Impact on Your Gut

We all know movement is good for cardio and metabolic health. But did you know it can also affect your gut health?

could rural living be better for your gut


Could Rural Living Be Better For Your Gut? How Built Environments Influence Your Health

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Everything is Connected: The Relationship Between Body and Planet

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The Magic of Motherhood: From Superorganisms to Superheroes

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Oral Health

The Importance of Your Oral Microbiome

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The Many Microbiomes and How They Work Together for Total Health