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10 Things Viome's Gut Test Can Reveal About Your Gut Microbiome

oral-brain axis blog

Oral Health

The Oral-Brain Axis: Unraveling the Secrets to a Healthy Mind and Body

When our mouths are healthy, they’re home to billions of bacteria, both “good” and “bad.” The “good” ones play a key role.

salad prep


6 Delicious Ingredients to Add to Your Salad to Make it a Meal

Never have a boring salad again with this new staple of special ingredients to make your salad more exciting, nutritious, and filling.

what your gut can tell you


14 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Your Gut Microbiome

You have your gut to thank for so many aspects of your health or lack of health.

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chips and dip


Guilt-Free Snack Indulgences: How to Make Your Favorite Chips and Dip Healthier

From swapping out potatoes to getting creative with unique flavors, creating a more nutritious alternative is easy.

breakfast in bed


Celebrate Love (and Health) with a Nourishing Breakfast in Bed

What better way to express your love than through a thoughtful and personal gesture of serving breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day?

daily heart health


Empower Your Heart: Daily Routines for Lasting Cardiovascular Vitality

In the pursuit of a heart-healthy lifestyle, adopting certain habits plays a pivotal role in fortifying cardiovascular well-being.

woman writing in journal


Creating Lifestyle Changes for Better Health: 8 Ways to Form Sticky Habits

Habits shape the rhythm of our existence. From the mundane to the profound, these repeated behaviors wield a profound influence on our well-being

glass of water


The Only Health Trend You Need to Watch in 2024 (and 8 Others You Should Try)

Focus on what matters most - which way your personal health is trending; are you getting healthier or do your daily habits and choices compromise your vitality?

harmful and healthy habits


6 Harmful Habits to Stop Right Now and 6 Healthier Habits to Start in 2024

It's the perfect time to reflect on our habits and make intentional choices to feel better, maybe even fantastic.