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Self Care, the Key to Improving Women’s Health

Many women feel there is simply not enough time for self care. But taking a moment to focus on yourself can give you that extra boost to your health, inside and out.

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Mental Health

Spring Cleaning? Start with Your Gut!

Spring is time for renewal, including your gut health. How do you Spring Clean your gut safely and effectively?

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How to Spring Forward

Longer days are coaxing us to wake up and shake up our routines—for the better. Take a cue from this season of growth and renewal and recalibrate your body and mind. Here’s how.

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Mental Health

Discovering Love from the Inside Out

These days, the act of self-love is less an afterthought, and more a ‘forgotten’ thought.

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Mental Health

Food for Thought: Nutritional Psychiatry

gut health and mental health

Mental Health

Do you have microbes on your mind?

what is prediabetes

Mental Health

What is Prediabetes and What Steps Can You Take To Reduce the Risk?

If you’re familiar with diabetes, you may not know that ‘pre-diabetes’ affects 1 in 3 Americans. This can lead to a type 2 diagnosis.

Inflammation, Immunity and the Brain: Part 3 - Featured Image


Inflammation, Immunity and the Brain: Part 3


Mental Health

Parkinson’s and the Gut Microbiome: A Steady Start to a New Era of Research

Efforts to understand the cause of Parkinson's Disease has created a dynamic movement of exciting new research. Read about the potential gut health connection.



From Microbe to Man: Viome's Clinical Research Initiatives


Autoimmune Diseases

The Neurodegenerative Disease: Alzheimer’s and the Gut Microbiome


Mental Health

Let’s Talk About Depression


Chronic Disease

Race to 2 Million: Join Us In the Battle Against Chronic Diseases


Mental Health

Who’s Really In Control? How Your Gut Microbiome Impacts Your Mental Health


Mental Health

Anxiety? Depression? Is Your Gut Microbiome to Blame?