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microbiome refresher course


The Viome Microbiome Refresher Course

From the top of the tube all the way to the bottom, microbes have a lot of space to live on.

man doing yoga


Why You Should Move More to Boost Digestion

Turns out movement is good for your body and your microbes. How can physical activity benefit your gut microbiome balance and diversity?

exercise for better digestion


Move More to Boost Digestion

Daily movement and exercise not only tones your muscles and improves your cardiovascular health–it can also help boost healthy digestion.

could rural living be better for your gut


Could Rural Living Be Better For Your Gut? How Built Environments Influence Your Health

new child healthy gut


Does Your Child Have a Healthy Gut? Plus 5 Tips to Support Gut Health

spring break2


Going on Spring Break? 8 Tips to Prepare Your Gut for Traveling

man shopping at grocery with phone


Why One Superfood Might Not Be So Super For You

spring clean gut


Spring Cleaning? Start with Your Gut!

digestive system augmented reality


4 Perks of Taking Postbiotics