The Key to a Longer Life Span


The search for eternal life didn’t begin or end with the Knights Templar or the great Conquistadors of Spain. At our very nature, humans have always sought ways for a longer life span. Whether through magical means, or scientific, the search continues. At this time, immortality is out of our reach—but that doesn’t mean we can’t take control of our longevity.

In essence, any life that extends past the average life span is considered to have longevity.

Longevity, DNA and RNA (gene expression)

A number of factors can contribute to a longer life span, and it’s no surprise our health and nutrition play a pivotal role in it. But it’s not necessarily reflected in your DNA.

That means that although your genes might say a little bit about how long you’ll live, it’s really more up to your environment and how you live. Factors such as nutrition, sleep, exercise and other environmental factors like pathogens and viruses affect what we call gene expression, or which genes are active in your body at any given time. Effectively it shows how your DNA is translated into RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) based on your environment, emotions, and stresses, and does a greater job at predicting what kind of life span you’ll have.

With Viome’s Health Intelligence Service, we’re able to take a snapshot of what’s impacting your gut microbes and human and microbial genes and score the pathways that can impact your health – to give fresh insights into how you are aging biologically compared to other people of similar age.

Human Gene Expression and Scoring Longevity

At Viome, we’re known to be deeply passionate about the gut microbiome. Every day, more and more research is being published about the heavy influence our gut microbes have over our digestion, level of inflammation, and bearing on disease. It’s a complex relationship, and we’re really just now getting into the depth of it.

But the minute detail of how our microbes do just what they do is even more mysterious. Like a true butterfly effect, the interactions of our gut microbes with their environment (us!) can perpetuate changes that reflect in our blood, tissues, and even brain!

Understanding how these interactions translate to changes in our gene expression is why we developed our own one-of-a-kind Human Gene Expression test, included in our new Health Intelligence service, that analyzes a simple finger-prick blood sample.

Much like testing your blood sugar, all it takes is a single drop of blood and suddenly we can see into the complex dynamics that are happening inside you that influence your health – and longevity.

A Maze of Expression

In our new and innovative test, we are able to analyze your gene expression into various sets of pathways that assess your level of inflammation, cellular health, mitochondrial health, stress response, and biological age! Each of these pathways is scored to give you your individual Integrative Health Scores — including your Gut Microbiome Health score, based on our award-winning Gut Intelligence service — that can help determine how well you’re faring on your journey to a longer and healthier life span.

Introducing our new Biological Age Score!

With the release of our breakthrough Health Intelligence service, we introduce new Integrative Health Scores to your results, including the Biological Age score.

“Your Biological Age is the contrast between how old you are chronologically—your actual age—and how old your body’s cells think you are, on a molecular level, based on analysis and comparison.

“Your Biological Age can be higher or lower than your chronological age. Viome’s AI has analyzed data from over 100,000 people and uses that data to match molecular patterns from your personal data to people of different ages—this is how we predict your approximate Biological Age.

“The good news is—even though while your chronological clock is always ticking, this score is dynamic and you may be able to impact it through your health and nutrition choices. And this is exactly where Viome can help!”

-Guru Banavar, Viome Chief Technology Office

Technically, this is only a fraction of the insight you’ll glean from the comprehensive Health Intelligence service. We combine these scores with Integrative Functional Scores that determine where your cellular stress, inflammatory activity, and gut health stand, and include our award-winning Gut Intelligence Service as well.

Together, you get personalized dietary and supplement recommendations that can help you navigate toward improving the factors that determine your rate of aging and improve your longevity.

Latest Thinking on the Science of Longevity

Unlocking the secrets of longevity is not only important to our team here at Viome and our CEO Naveen Jain, but many leading thinkers in the biohacking, healthcare, and futurist communities. Viome’s friends, advisors, and investors are also actively engaged in longevity research and partnering to develop breakthrough technology. Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof is also the author of ‘ Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever ’. Dave explains the state of high-performance, where you take control of your biology and your environment, and the critical role nutrition plays in longevity—specifically the right food and supplements for your unique microbiome, body, and mitochondria. You can listen to Dave alongside Viome’s CEO Naveen Jain, and Chief Translational Science Officer Ally Perlina on a recent Bulletproof Radio podcast to learn more.

One of Viome’s lead advisors, Peter Diamandis, chairman of the X Prize, Singularity University, and Human Longevity Inc, brings together dozens of leading thinkers in longevity for Abundance 360 events, forging significant progress across disciplines. Human Longevity Inc. works to create advanced genomics-based information that empowers individuals to shape their own health and shift the practice of medicine from reactive to proactive, personalized, and preventative. In Peter’s recent blog he focuses on “The 9 Mechanisms of Aging”. Interestingly, two of these are areas where Viome is focusing, and are deeply connected to nutrition:

Mitochondrial dysfunction: “Mitochondria begin to decline in performance as we age”;

Cellular senescence: “As cells age, they stop dividing and cannot be removed from the body, build up and typically cause increased inflammation”.

Look out for an upcoming Longevity webcast with Naveen and Peter in September!

A First Step in the Right Direction

Managing your gene expression was once considered a science-fiction fantasy (read all out our proprietary technology that powers Health Intelligence service in this peer-reviewed research paper). There’s no need to seek out a magical chalice or paranormal pool of immortality. The future is here, and you’re now just a click away of taking real actions that may improve your health beyond recognition. We might not be offering immortality on our list of services yet, but we illuminate the path unique to you toward a healthier tomorrow;

Find out more about Health Intelligence, and learn more about the pathways we score and where they come from.

In another world-first, our new Viome Precision Supplements recommendations that are now included in your Health Intelligence results & recommendations give you the precise nutrition you need to support the scores that need attention and maintain those scores that are doing well. Check out more on our breakthrough Precision Supplements targeted to help you improve your health based on your unique gut microbiome and cellular health needs.

Your opportunity for precision nutrition, including food and supplements, is here – with a complete analysis of the gut microbes that impact your health and how they influence the expression of your genes. Lead a happier, healthier, and perhaps even a little longer life. Over 100,000 people have already seen benefits from following their Viome recommendations! Hear some of our success stories here.

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