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Acting your age

has a new definition.

Test your Biological Age and find out what food and supplements can improve your health and increase your longevity.


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Health Intelligence Test


Health insights and nutrition to support:


Gut health

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Healthy aging

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Cellular health

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Stress response

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Immune health

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Bio Age - You are limitless!

You are limitless!

Decode your Biological Age with Viome and live your life to its fullest potential.

Bio Age - You are limitless Part 2

Your diet and lifestyle have a major impact on how you age internally and as a result, externally. Your biological age assesses how well you’re aging in comparison with your chronological age.

To better overcome the process of aging and create a precision nutrition platform that focuses on optimizing health down to the cellular level, we created the first comprehensive Health Intelligence Test.

It incorporates both the data and knowledge we glean from your gut microbiome, and combines it with a blood transcriptome test (human gene expression test) that allows us to decode how well your cells are functioning and provide insights as to what you can do about it. Our AI has now analyzed data from over 200,000 people!


Bio Age - Where you May Know Us - Guru Interview

How Viome Determines Your Biological Age

An interview with Chief Technology Officer, Guru Banavar


Viome’s Health Intelligence Test helps you understand how well your cells are able to perform by looking at multiple factors:

DNA Damage

Your genetic code - or DNA - is a blueprint to help your cells decode essential proteins used for normal cell function.

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DNA Damage

If damaged, or if mutations occur, your cell’s ability to repair or continue normal cell functions can be greatly affected. It can also halt its ability to replicate (or in some cases, call for excessive replication as in the case of cancer, a well known age-related disease). We examine how your cells perform and score your level of cellular stress to determine the health of your cells.

Mitochondrial Damage

By assessing your mitochondrial stress and health, we can determine how well your cells are able to navigate and neutralize oxidative stress.

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Mitochondrial Damage

High levels of oxidative stress is one of the leading causes of aging by harming or degrading your DNA. Dysfunctional mitochondrial can lead to a number of age-related symptoms, such as fatigue, diminished recovery time, and brain fog.

Immune Stress

Our immune system is integral to our ability to fight off infection and heal. Under normal conditions, our body frequently regenerates new, fresh immune cells.

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Immune Stress

However, when your body is experiencing prolonged levels of stress in your tissues (due to DNA Damage and Mitochondrial Dysfunction), your immune system can become exhausted and start experiencing issues within these cells as well. This is fairly common in aging adults who have difficulty overcoming illness due to a depleted immune response. We consider your level of Immune System Stress to see if your body is overly responsive, under responsive, or responding normally to foreign threats.

Bio Age - BioRXiv


An accurate aging clock developed from the largest dataset of microbial and human gene expression reveals molecular mechanisms of aging

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Bio Age - HI Text

Using personalized nutrition as an anti-aging intervention

Health Intelligence Test

The results from your Health Intelligence Test allow us to quantify the biology driving the aging in your cells at the molecular level. We integrate these scores into our precision nutrition recommendation engine to provide you an action plan that incorporates all your needs, both for your gut microbiome and your human cells.

Precision nutrition provides individuals preventative tactics to help determine which foods they need to return their cells (and microbes) to a healthy, balanced state. In addition, we incorporate specific targeted supplements used to help achieve peak performance and neutralize many of the negative consequences of aging unique to you and your environment.

About our Health Intelligence Test

What’s included in your results:

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  • Over 30 high-level scores and subscores related to gut microbiome health, your biological age, cellular function health, immune health, energy levels, and stress response

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  • Your personalized list of recommended foods to eat (and avoid) chosen from over 400 foods

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  • Recommendations for supplements, prebiotics, and probiotics you need to support your scores. Available to order monthly.


Bio Age - Decode, Activate & Optimize Module

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Precision Supplements & Probiotics + Prebiotics™

Your own unique formula delivered monthly.

  • Vitamins

  • Food Extracts

  • Minerals

  • Herbs

  • Amino Acids

  • Prebiotics & Probiotics


02 Activate

Your unique list of food & supplement recommendations to help you:

  • Address the underlying cause of inflammation in your body

  • Fuel microbes known to produce beneficial nutrients

  • Improve your absorbtion of nutrients

  • Enhance energy production for your cells

  • Avoid foods that elicit a high glycemic response


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Your health journey is your own. You can think of us as a personal health GPS to help you navigate through it.


Follow the science, not the crowd.


Bio Age - One test could change your definition of healthy aging.

One test could change your definition of healthy aging.

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Health Intelligence

Insights and recommendations to improve or support:

  • Healthy Aging

  • Gut Microbiome Health

  • Cellular Health

  • Immune System Health

  • More

$249 USD


How It Works

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Order your at-home test and collect your samples.

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The information from your sample is decoded with the help of our Lab, Translational Science, and AI teams.


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Your results and recommendations are downloaded into your app!


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Order your Precision Supplements & Prebiotics + Probiotics, delivered monthly and formulated for you.

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Bio Age - Our Mission Module

Bio Age - Our Mission - 1


As we age, our chances of developing chronic diseases increases. With chronic diseases comes higher mortality rate. of deaths can be contributed to chronic diseases.


Bio Age - Our Mission - 2


75 %

of healthcare costs are consumed by treatment of chronic diseases.

Bio Age - Our Mission - 3

We Believe

the future of medicine will come from a farm, not a pharmacy. That the future of healthcare is at home rather than a hospital. We believe healthy aging and healthy life extension is possible.


We’re on a mission to reverse a disease called AGING.

Bio Age - Where you May Know Us - Podcast

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Bio Age - Frequently Asked Questions ~ List Module

More Information

What is biological age?

By assessing the efficiency of your cellular activities and your gut microbial activities it is possible to predict what is called your biological age. This helps determine how well your body is aging in comparison with your age according to the calendar.

Viome’s comprehensive AI has analyzed data from more than 200,000 people to be able to match the molecular patterns from your data to people of different ages, which we use to predict your approximate biological age. We offer our Biological Age score as one of 30 scores available with the Health Intelligence Test (this score is not available for minors). 

Learn more about your Biological Age score in our Health Intelligence results guide .

What is biological age vs chronological age?

While your chronological age, of course, depends on how many years you have been alive, your biological age may be a little different. This depends on the condition of your body’s cells and how well they are able to perform their individual functions. It’s possible for your “biological age” to be higher, or lower than your actual age.

How do you test for biological age?

We offer our Biological Age Score as one of 30 scores available with the Health Intelligence Test. 

Viome’s comprehensive AI has analyzed data from more than 200,000 people to be able to approximate your biological age. The underlying algorithm for calculating this is fully data-driven and uses machine learning to discover molecular activity patterns in your gut microbiome and the cells in your body, and match your biological data to people of different ages, which we use to predict your biological age.