Acting your age has a new definition.

Test your Biological Age with our Health Intelligence™ Test and find out what you can do to support the key areas of health that impact longevity. 

Health Intelligence

Decode Your Biological Age

Insights and nutrition based on your gut microbiome, cellular, & mitochondrial health.

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Does your biological age match your birth certificate?

Cell energy over time
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The Biological Age score assesses the efficiency of your cellular and gut microbial activities to determine how well you are aging compared to your chronological age. Your Biological Age score can be higher or lower than your actual age.

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Viome’s AI has analyzed data from more than 200,000 people to be able to match the molecular patterns from your data to people of different ages, to predict your biological age.

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Good news—while your chronological clock is always ticking, this score is dynamic and you may be able to impact it through making the right health and nutrition choices for you.

Biological Age is one of many scores available when you order your Health Intelligence Test




in 3 Steps

Health Intelligence - Steps
Health Intelligence


Health Intelligence gives you a snapshot measuring your cellular, mitochondrial, & gut microbiome health*

* Viome's Gut Intelligence Test focuses exclusively on Gut Microbiome Health 

  • Gut Microbiome Health

  • Mitochondrial Health

  • Cellular Health

  • Biological Age

  • Stress Response

  • Immune System Health

Health Intelligence - Gut Microbiome Health

Gut Microbiome Health

Your gut microbiome is linked to your weight, energy, stress, sleep, immunity and overall health. Our award winning Gut Intelligence™ test measures what’s actually happening in your Gut. >20 scores and insights on inflammation, microbial activity, richness & diversity, metabolic fitness and gut lining health.

Health Intelligence - Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, supplying energy to carry out basic cellular functions such as care and repair of your cells in the body, and is associated with aging and metabolism, cardiovascular & brain health.

Health Intelligence - Cellular Health

Cellular Health

See inside your cells to get unique insights into their overall health, including cellular stress, mitochondrial health, your immune response and how your cells produce energy to function optimally and rejuvenate themselves.

Health Intelligence - Biological Age

Biological Age

How old you think you are may be different from how old your microbes say you are. Our AI system has analyzed data from more than 100,000 people to be able to match the molecular patterns from your data to people of different ages and provide you with your Biological Age!

Health Intelligence - Energy and Stress Response

Stress Response

Your energy levels and stress response are good indicators for how your body meets energy demands to perform essential functions, manage inflammation, stress, detox and to repair and care for itself. We combine insights from your cellular functions that measure your resilience and stress triggers that may come from your lifestyle or toxins produced by your gut microbiome.

Health Intelligence - Immune Response

Immune System Health

How good is your immunity? Your body’s immune system is your defence against the invisible invaders. Your immune system may not be ready to fight the invading bacteria or Viruses if it’s already dealing with inflammation caused by cellular stress, overactive immune system or toxins produced by your gut microbiome due to an unhealthy diet. Too much inflammation can overburden your body so we measure and provide insights into inflammatory activity in your body and your microbiome.

Health Intelligence


The precise food & supplement recommendations you need.


The precise food & supplement recommendations you need.

  • Superfoods

    Meet your food destiny. These are your most beneficial foods.

  • Minimize

    You can still eat these foods (but within limits).

  • Avoid

    These foods are your personal kryptonite.

  • Supplements

    Just what you need and nothing that you don't

Health Intelligence - inflammatory-activity 2
Health Intelligence


Following your recommendations could help you improve:


Following your recommendations could help you improve:

weightenergy levelssleepdigestive wellnessimmunitymood/stressmental clarity Health Intelligence - improve

See how your scores evolve and update your recommendations by re-testing every 4-6 months.


Dig Deeper Into the Science of Longevity

An accurate aging clock developed from the largest dataset of microbial and human gene expression reveals molecular mechanisms of aging

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Irene Rau, Viome Customer

“Looking ahead and saying, you know, if I’m going to expect to live a longer life I really have to make some changes and get more active. Because I was in a job where I didn’t have time, or at least that was my excuse; I didn’t have time for a long walk in the day. You know, you got home, you were pooped, you made supper, and you just sat in front of the TV. That was kind of my life then.

I’m not as exhausted as I used to be after doing a long walk. Being able to go from early in the morning until supper time without feeling too tired.”

Irene Rau,
Viome Customer

Health Intelligence

Measure how human, mitochondrial, and microbial genes are expressed in your body through actionable health insights.

$249 USD

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