How You Can Take Control of Your Wellness Journey

Are you ready to tap into what your body is trying to say to you?

By Victoria Frankel


girls having healthy lunch

It is incredible what we have learned over the last century in modern medicine and science. Now, you’re only a few diagnostic tests away from learning about whether your body is experiencing nutrient deficiencies or if you may have a chronic condition or disease.

But all the information we can gather today was barely even a dream not that long ago. Long before the time of Gut Intelligence Tests, humans only had their gut intuition to tell them when they were unwell. These days, science has made it easier than ever to get molecular and biological data on our health. However, there was a time - and a long time at that - when as humans, our body would speak to us, and we would listen.

The interesting thing about the power of our mind-body-connection is that it evolved alongside us for most of human history. Even the most well known expert in the world may not be able to tell you things better than what you can learn by listening to your own ‘gut’ intuition.

And yes, that even means us at Viome.

Gauging Your ‘Gut’ Intuition

Inside of each of us, our individual cells connect and communicate with all the cells that surround them. These chemical messages can spread far and wide, relaying information to the far reaches of our body - from the cells in our toes to the neurons in our brain. Everything is connected.

Because of this, many times our body will transmit signals to alert our subconscious and even our conscious-mind that something needs attention. You might be very familiar with some of these signs:

  • Fatigue

  • Depression

  • Anxiety 

  • Irritability

  • Brain Fog

  • Sore Joints

  • Tight Muscles

  • Irregular Heart Rate

  • Headaches

  • Abnormal Appetite

  • Dysregulated Digestions

  • Disordered Sleeping Patterns

These symptoms are often associated with chronic conditions. Have sore joints? Maybe it’s arthritis. Imbalanced mood? Could be depression. 

But what these symptoms - and consequently ‘conditions’ - fail to account for is often a much larger underlying issue. Often, these symptoms will manifest as your body’s red flags.

If you listen, though, and learn to hear those subtle notes of distress, you can learn how to differentiate symptoms and connect them with changes in your body. Developing your natural ‘gut’ intuition can be a key factor in making just the right adjustments for optimal health.

Even with Super Recommendations, Your Body Knows Best Which ‘Super’ is Right For You

Occasionally, we get questions from people about their food recommendations. Based on their results, their unique gut microbiome, their recorded health conditions, and the level of stress they experience - we might recommend certain foods or supplements to help them on their journey toward optimal health. 

Though rooted in science, our recommendations can’t account for the unique variances of you hidden beneath your biology. For example, we can’t measure your food preferences, foods that might evoke emotional responses, or whether or not there may be some other interaction that might make consuming that food uncomfortable.

Unlike other companies that focus on just one aspect of your health - the biological or physical component - at Viome we also try to view the individual as a miracle of the whole: the spiritual and the mental components too. Which might mean gaining that intuitive aspect, connecting your mind with your body, and also learning how to fine-tune even the smallest parts of your journey on your own. 

Growing Better Together

But you’re never truly alone. We all have our own unique obstacles to face, but every once in a while we find someone with a remarkably similar story. Even just looking around at your group of friends or family, you may find many are struggling with the same issues. Unfortunately, it’s become all too common to bury our feelings in order to be ‘more productive’ human beings. But that rarely takes into consideration what is actually ‘right’ for us. 

If you’re looking into the steps to building a healthier you, look no further than the relationships around you. Partnering with a friend, a family member, or even a coworker can dramatically increase your staying power to a healthier lifestyle. This isn’t just hearsay - it’s backed by genuine science. Together, you can form a bond to get you both through low motivational points. It also lends a second brain - and shoulder - to lean on for support.

And when in doubt - our Viome family is also here to help guide you and offer you precision nutrition recommendations as you begin your wellness journey. As part of that journey, we also hope to teach you how to learn more about yourself and your own needs by offering in-depth knowledge into the human body so that you can self-assess and make better educated decisions.

Though we hope you stay with us every step of the way, ultimately we only hope to inspire you to better uncover your own body’s mysteries and motivate you to lead a healthier life - one that is rich, long-lasting, and embraces every part of you from the inside out.

The information on the Viome website is provided for informational purposes only and with the understanding that Viome is not engaged in rendering medical advice or recommendations. Viome provides this educational information to share the exciting developments being reported in the scientific literature about the human microbiome and your health. Viome products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.