How Viome is Redefining the One-Size-Fits-All Health Industry


Innovative leaders are all driven by the same vision: reinventing something the rest of the world doesn’t believe needs to be fixed. Consider how leaders like Steve Jobs changed the world of technology simply by redefining what it was that made the computer. By aiming to improve how people experience technology, he was able to work backwards and create a new evolution of products that focused on what they could give the world, not what they could sell.

The vision of Steve Jobs, and innovative leaders like him, will continue to go down in history as examples of monumental revolutions in traditional thinking. At Viome, our vision to revolutionize personalized nutrition is also breaking waves by looking at the failures of the healthcare system and redefining chronic disease research.

You see, Viome also believes in embracing innovative thinking by offering an opportunity to improve one’s health at the individual level: not by some widely accepted rule of thumb that has proven time and time again to be inadequate.

One of the fundamental shortcomings of dietary advice is the use of generalized recommendations. A healthy diet doesn’t change based on nutrition trends: it simply is – yet the abundance of companies and products featuring an easy, quick-fix for digestive issues or a one-size-fits-all dietary routine to improve your health fail miserably on what they set out to do.

We’re starting a nutrition revolution

Like all revolutions, it started small: research began uncovering how individuals following a “healthy” diet experienced a wide variety of results. As time went on, it expanded as other studies unmasked nutritional status or dietary connections to a variety of diseases. Then came the discovery of the gut microbiome and the essential roles of microbes in digestion. This breakthrough shed light on why many diet trends missed the target for countless seeking weight-loss solutions.

Since then, we’ve seen a lot of research that has improved the knowledge of the gut microbiome. We’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg, but at Viome we’re cutting through the failures of the healthcare industry and embracing real changes backed by science – and it’s looking to be what we thought all along.

Based on scientific advancements in the nutrition industry, the interactions that occur between what we consume and the microbes that live in our digestive system may be driving host unique food responses. I know that seems like a mouthful, but simply put: our own gut microbiome changes how we react to different foods. In fact, research straight out of Viome has found just that. In an article featured in the scientific journal Nature, this perspective is gaining momentum.1

This review in Nature found that “… diet-induced microbiota alterations may be harnessed in order to induce changes in host physiology, including disease development and progression.” That means making nutritional changes to improve the health of your gut microbiome may impact your overall health, something that drives everything we do here at Viome.

Viome’s vision: let’s get personal

Our gut microbiome influences specific variations in how we digest food and can impact our health status throughout life. Even more, this review found, “ Conceptual scientific and medical advances have led to a recent realization that there may be no single, one-size-fits-all diet,” – does that sound familiar to you?

The future isn’t around the corner; it isn’t some abstract idea just out of reach. The future is now, and Viome is leading the forefront of personalized nutrition by exploring one of the many things that makes you unique: your individual gut microbiome. Your own ability to make real, actionable nutrition changes - with recommendations created specifically for what’s inside you – brings revolutionizing the healthcare industry straight to your door or rather... in your back pocket!

By checking in with your gut microbiome through one of our Intelligence Tests, you’re doing more than just learning what’s active inside you; you’re taking the steps necessary to focus on something the nutrition industry took for granted. Although traditional nutrition experts believed eating a healthy diet seemed like common sense, it took innovative minds refusing to disregard the person’s own unique experience to transform the nutrition industry. Fortunately, many of these leaders can be found working right here at Viome, and we’re not stopping on our path to rid the world of chronic disease.

The science says it’s time for a change; a change in how we view what is healthy and what is not. Viome is here to give you the opportunity to find out for yourself how small changes to your diet can improve the activity of your gut microbiome. This is not a one-size-fits-all trick. This is a real chance to personalize your experience.

So, if opportunity is knocking… will you be bold enough to answer?

1 Kolodziejczyk AA, Zheng D, Elinav E. Diet-microbiota interactions and personalized nutrition. Nat Rev Microbiol. 2019.