How to Spring Forward

girl at window in sunlight

Now that spring has nearly sprung and the shorter days are receding, it’s time to emerge from our seasonal hibernation. Longer days are coaxing us to wake up and shake up our routines—for the better. Take a cue from this season of growth and renewal and recalibrate your body and mind. Here’s how.

Reset your diet

Head to your local farmer’s market and say hello to seasonal superfoods you haven’t seen in months. Since these fruits and vegetables are uber-fresh, they’ll require little adornment. To let them shine, try these simple strategies:

  • Toss spinach or kale with crisp fennel and a bracing lemon vinaigrette. Wash greens well, trim their stems, and remove and discard kale stalks. For the ideal texture, shred or very thinly slice kale leaves. 

  • Pickle radishes in a mix of cider vinegar, monkfruit sweetener, salt, and pepper. Add to salads.  

  • Saute Swiss chard with garlic and chile flakes in olive oil for a micronutrient-rich side dish. Slice the stalks and cook for a few minutes before adding the chopped leaves to the pan.

  • Trim off the bottom few inches of asparagus stalks, then steam and serve with poached eggs. Sprinkle with black pepper and fresh lemon zest.

  • If you come across small local strawberries, buy them—they’re much sweeter than the larger, water-logged versions you come across the remainder of the year. For a treat, slice and simmer with cut-up rhubarb, fresh orange or lemon juice, monkfruit sweetener, and arrowroot. Then top with a dollop of Greek yogurt for a light dessert. 

Reset your body clock

To synch yourself up with the season, awaken with the light. Arise early and watch the sunset. Then, come evening, tuck yourself into bed once the sky completely darkens. To help you readjust your circadian rhythms, try these easy strategies:

  • Spend as much time as you can outside. In the morning, take a walk or flow through a yoga routine on your deck or patio. Throughout the day, head outdoors for five-minute nature breaks. In the early evening, walk over to a neighbor’s house for a brief chat.

  • Instead of working out indoors, get your sweat on in nature. Run, bike, or hike your way to an elevated heart rate and fitness level.

  • Go to bed earlier. Listen to your body and honor its desire for rest. To segue from wakefulness to sleep, begin a one- or two-hour bedtime routine. Try whatever relaxes you, whether it’s a cool shower, warm bath, engrossing novel, or meditation session. 

  • Let the sun and gentle breeze touch your skin. As soon as it’s warm enough, switch from pants and sweaters to shorts, skirts, and T-shirts. 

  • Open the windows to let in fresh air and ventilate your space.

  • Pick or purchase flowers and display in a vase in your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

  • Take up gardening. Early spring is the ideal time of year to start a vegetable and herb garden.

  • On a breezy day, fly a kite at a local park.