Health Intelligence

Naveen Jain and Ally Perlina Talk Health Intelligence on Bulletproof Radio

By Lisa Shomo


Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, Naveen Jain, CEO of Viome, and Ally Perlina, Chief Translational Science Officer discuss Viome’s breakthrough new Health Intelligence service on the Bulletproof Radio podcast, and how it can measure and quantify aspects of your body’s health and functions, including mitochondria, cellular, immune system, stress response, biological age, and gut microbiome health.

Listen in as Naveen and Ally dive into the technology and science behind new Health Intelligence with Dave to find out:

  • How are mitochondrial health, immune system health, biological age, and cellular stress measured all in one test?

  • What are the many reasons that cause chronic inflammation and what does that mean for your health?

  • How does Health Intelligence measure mitochondrial biogenesis and has this ever been done before?

Highlights from Naveen:

“Our purpose in life really is to digitize the human body, to really understand at the molecule level what is going on.”

“...literally everything is connected. And for the first time in human history, we have a chance to actually look at all of that and apply the AI and machine learning to not only just look at the wonderful steps, to actually figure out what to do about it. And I'm just so damn excited, that we're finally there, finally there.”

Highlights from Dave:

“We're going to go deep on your mitochondria, your energy pathways, your cellular stress, your age, all these new tests. New data things that are available, that weren't available before.”

“ it's just data gathering at a high speed. And it's not about sequencing genes, which has been done before, but it's about looking at what behavior of things is doing with RNA analysis.”

Highlights from Ally:

“Can I say why we call it Precision Nutrition? Because nowadays, if you look at what people mean when they say personalized nutrition or personalized supplements, it's more categorized than it is personalized. So, how do you then narrow it down to what you need? It's a way of personalization that is based on molecular-level precision. You can only get this if you can understand, system-wide, what is actually happening down on the molecular level to meet your molecular needs.”

Take a listen to the full podcast, available on the Bulletproof website.