Cool Coconut Pineapple Frozen Pops

pineapple popsicles

In the heat of summertime, there is nothing better than pulling open the door to the freezer and being greeted by a mist of cold air. Even better, pulling out a delicious, frozen pop and letting the fruity, sweet taste cool you down. 

Sure, you can get them from the grocery store, but making them right at home is easier than you think. Plus, you can get as creative as you like with this recipe, swapping out fruits, milk, and ad-ins. The recipe is simple, and the options are endless.

If you have a mold that holds around 6-10 pops, complete with sticks, you’re set. If you don’t, no worries there. We have a great way for you to freeze your own fruit pops at home–no molds required.

You’ll need:

Popsicle mold


Small disposable cups

Cupcake tin (optional)

Wooden or bamboo popsicle sticks

Plastic wrap


6 cups fresh pineapple, cubed

1 Tbsp honey

½ cup full-fat coconut milk

2 Tbsp lime juice

Optional add-ins

½ cup blueberries

½ cup raspberries, halved

1 jalapeno, sliced (seeds removed)


If you do not have a popsicle mold, prep your 8-10 small disposable cups, sticks, and plastic wrap near your blender or food processor. If you have a cupcake tin, place your cups in the cupcake tin. This will make it easier to transport your popsicles to the freezer.

Puree the pineapple, honey, coconut milk, and lime juice in a blender or food processor.  

If you are using optional add-ins, put a few blueberries, raspberries, or one or two slices of jalapeno in each popsicle mold. Pour your fruit puree into each mold. Cap your popsicle mold, or cover your cups with plastic wrap, then pierce the cover with a popsicle stick into each cup. This will hold the stick steady while it freezes.

Place your popsicles into the freezer. 

Freezing time

Approximately 4-6 hours. Freeze overnight for best results.

Removing popsicles

Running your cup or molds under warm water for about 15 seconds should be enough to loosen the popsicles enough to get them to wiggle out. Makes 8-10 popsicles.