5 Ways to Show Your Mom (or Mother Figure) You Love, Support, and Empower Her on Mother’s Day

5 ways to show your mom you love her

Mothers are creators, protectors, teachers, nurses, chefs, seamstresses, maids, cheerleaders, advocates, therapists, chauffeurs, and best friends—sometimes all in one person and sometimes all in one day. Mothers also have an identity outside of motherhood that includes different types of relationships, passions, goals, and careers. Needless to say, the mothers and maternal figures in our lives should be celebrated. 

Here are five ways to show you love, support, and empower the mothers in your life this Mother’s Day. 

Give Your Time 

Life is busy and full of distractions. For this very simplified reason, the gift of time is priceless. To give your time and undivided attention to your mom this Mother’s Day is a powerful way to show her that you love her and that today is truly dedicated to her. There are all sorts of ways you can use your time to show your love, like cooking her a beautiful brunch or planning a day of activities she enjoys and doing them together. It is all about being present and making her feel like there is no one else you’d rather be with. 

Express Your Gratitude 

When was the last time you said thank you to your mom? And not for something like, “thank you for picking me up at the airport” or “thanks for watching the kids while I went to yoga.” An authentic, heartfelt, and maybe even itemized expression of gratitude for all the things your mom has done and continues to do for you speaks volumes. 

There are so many things that moms do without question just because they are moms and they love their children. They do them without expecting anything in return. To acknowledge those selfless acts, many of which have probably made your life better is a declaration of love and appreciation that will mean the world to your mom on Mother’s Day. 

Take a Genuine Interest 

Your mom or mother figure is so much more than just that major role. As children, whatever our age is, it’s easy to forget that our moms have other identities, interests, passions, aspirations, talents, and concerns. At some point, and while your mom will always be your mom first and foremost, it becomes our turn to take a genuine interest in our moms as unique and fascinating individuals. 

Showing your mother that you are genuinely interested in her translates to giving her the gift of your support. This gesture can be as simple as asking questions about something she’s working on/towards or encouraging her to tell you more about something (i.e., the class she’s taking, the book she’s writing, the trip she’s planning, etc.). Moms are often selfless when it comes to their families, so taking the time to make a conversation about her and what makes her special outside of being a mom will not go unappreciated. 

Support Her Health Journey 

Growing older is both a blessing and a challenge. Every stage of life presents its own obstacles, learning curves, hardships, and milestones. The mother figure in your life has likely been a part of many of your life stages—through sickness and in health. And while we each have our own health journey, it is a journey that doesn’t have to be taken alone. 

Support can be offered in many ways, from simply listening to physically offering assistance. Support can also include sharing what you’ve learned on your health journey, encouraging healthy eating, being active together, and promoting proactive and preventative health practices. 

Celebrate the Mothers in Your Life 

While celebrating our mothers shouldn’t be limited to one day a year, this Mother’s Day really make it a true celebration. If it weren’t for our mothers, we wouldn’t be here! Let her know what you admire and treasure about her. Empower and raise her up through your praise, interest, and support the way she has maybe done for you before. Mothers want to feel appreciated, respected, liked, loved, and sometimes like more than just mothers. Celebrating all that there is to her is a gift with a long positive after-effect.