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Address root causes, not symptoms.

Our test scores reveal where your body needs nutritional support based on an analysis of your gut microbiome, oral microbiome, and cells. Your recommendations and custom-formulated supplements are tailored to your test results.

Gut Health

Oral Health

Cellular & Energy Efficiency

Biological Age

Inflammation Response

Brain & Cognitive Health

Heart & Metabolic Health

Immune System Health

Gut Health

Nutrition recommendations to optimize your digestion, strengthen gut lining, boost richness & microbiome diversity.

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Insights assess your:

  • Nutrient absorption 
  • Beneficial & harmful microbial activities
  • Intestinal barrier health 
  • Signatures of inflammation in the gut

What is your microbiome telling you?

Eating the wrong foods for your body can result in reactions we interpret as “symptoms”, often caused by inflammation. Because these symptoms can manifest differently in every person, it's important to look deep inside of your body to understand the root cause.

Brain Fog

Decreased Sex Drive

Low Energy

Trouble Sleeping


Poor Dental Health

Stomach Pain


Joint Pain

Skin Conditions

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[Home 3.0] What is your microbiome telling you? - 1
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That's where we come in.

Start with a test


Test at home. Follow Viome’s easy steps for collection and complete your health questionnaire.

How it Works - 1


Receive results. Within 2-3 weeks get valuable health insights based on your biology.

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Activate personalized nutrition. Eat according to your unique food recommendations.

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Supplements & Probiotics. Your formula uniquely created for you. Option to order monthly.

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How to get started
Supplement plans include your test kit

Results Include

Your Integrative Health Scores

Your list of food recommendations categorized as Superfoods, Enjoy, Minimize, & Avoid

Recommendations for prebiotics and probiotic strains to support your scores

Recommendations for the exact food extracts, minerals, vitamins, digestive enzymes, amino acids, & herbs to support your scores

Ability to order your supplements, prebiotic, & probiotic customized formula through your account

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Join over 400,000 people taking control of their health with Viome.

How it works

Decoding your
biology for
better health


The amazing human
microbiome and you


Translating your
health insights into


Creating your




Go beyond
with a living formula
of your own


The Viome Difference

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Systems Biology Approach

We analyze the body holistically to understand the needs of each individual.

[Icon] Measuring

Measuring mRNA vs DNA

DNA is static. Measuring mRNA allows us to measure and modulate genes that are actually expressing.

[Icon] Connection

Human-Microbial Connection

The human microbiome is the master regulator of your health and interacts uniquely within each human being.

[Icon] Microbial Function

Microbial Function

We don’t just see what microbes are there, but also if they are living and what they are doing inside of you.

[Icon] OS

Our ViOS Platform

Our mRNA AI platform, ViOS, pulls from the largest gene expression database in the world for discoveries that benefit you.

[Icon] Science

A Living Supplement Formula

Your supplement formula, informed by your results, evolves with your health as you go on your journey.

What we 

With the help of exponential technologies, an army of great minds from all different backgrounds, and you, we’re making great progress in bringing the benefits of scientific discoveries to the world faster than ever before.

Our science sets us apart

Using proprietary mRNA (gene expression) sequencing technology, we study the gut microbiome, oral microbiome, human cells, and broader human-microbe interactions throughout the body in unprecedented detail.

Your data is private and secure

To ensure the confidentiality of your data, we separate users’ personally identifiable information (PII) from protected health information (PHI) and use multiple layers of encryption and access protection. We do not provide your information or results to employers or health insurance. Viome will never sell your data.