What is Viome?

More than just a precision nutrition company, Viome is on a mission to prevent and reverse chronic disease by digitizing and decoding each individual’s biology starting at the gut microbiome. Looking for the root of chronic diseases, science has found a link in the dynamic ecosystem of microbes that live within the gut. 

With technology originally developed at Los Alamos National Lab and exclusively licensed to Viome, Viome is the only direct-to-consumer company that analyzes RNA (gene expression) to get a full understanding of what is going on in an individual's body. Every customer, new and old, benefits from the Viome platform as our AI grows more powerful and is strengthened by more data, studies, new publications, and the most cutting edge research.

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The Future of RNA

Now, using state of the art metatranscriptomics and innovative artificial intelligence/machine learning Viome is taking on the audacious challenge to prevent and reverse chronic diseases, cancers and aging. 

As the world’s first RNA at-home test that measures microbial and human gene expression, Viome is able to connect the dots and unique patterns of an individual’s biology in order to gain insight into precisely the right food recommendations for each individual’s whole-body health and made-to-order supplements, supporting their gut microbiome health, immune system health, biological aging, cellular health, and more.*

The Science of Health

Connecting the dots between our diet and our gut microbiome, Viome can help each individual overcome issues in digestion, weight managment, sleep, skin, mental clarity, mood, and energy which often are signals of biological responses of the immune system that results from the improper nutrition.

Viome is split into two divisions: Viome Consumer Services, focused on providing individuals the products they need to improve their health, including tests and supplements, and the Viome Health Sciences division, devoted to researching and advancing precision diagnostics and our therapeutics platform focused on chronic diseases, cancer, and aging.


What Drives Viome's Mission?

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Millions of people suffer from conditions such as IBS, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and more. Science has shown that a poor diet contributes to health complaints (and more) but nutrition can be used effectively to reverse one's health. Combined with precision supplements to support natural gaps in the diet and especially formulated pre-and probiotics to help recolonize the gut with beneficial microbes - Viome provides individuals a better understanding into what’s going on in their bodies.*

Our unique process allows us to focus on how to best maintain a healthy body. By viewing the body holistically and examining how the root causes of good health stem from a balanced gut microbiome, Viome is committed to helping you decode your path to optimum health.

We believe in TESTING, not GUESSING.

What are Viome's Products?

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Gut Intelligence Test

Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test is the most comprehensive at-home gut microbiome test and the industry’s only test that uses RNA sequencing technology to give consumers a full picture of their overall gut microbiome health along with the right food and supplements to support it over time.

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Health Intelligence Test

Viome’s Health Intelligence Test is the world’s first at-home RNA test that offers consumers a full picture of their health, provides actionable insights and scores track for improvements, and allows them to understand what diet and supplements are right for them as their body changes over time.

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Precision Supplements

Based on an individual’s test results, they will receive precise, personalized supplement recommendations for vitamins, food extracts, minerals, herbs, amino acids, probiotics, and prebiotics. These nutrients can be formulated on demand, packaged, and shipped directly to an individual each month.

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Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics

Our personalized probiotic and prebiotic formulas are designed to promote microbial richness and diversity to support gut health lining and total body wellness.* As an individual re-tests, their formulas will update to reflect their most current needs!

How does Viome Work?

Viome offers the world’s first at-home RNA gut and health tests that provide an in-depth analysis of your microbial, human, and mitochondrial gene expressions in order to recommend extremely precise, personalized food and supplement recommendations. These tests reveal how an individual’s gut microbiome health is impacting other areas of the body and include over 30 subscores related to gut microbiome health, biological aging, cellular function, immune health, energy levels, and stress response. 

These insights are powerful, but Viome further empowers individuals with actionable recommendations. Our food and supplements are tied to specific scores, helping each person to see what foods should be avoided and what foods are Superfoods. Supplement recommendations are based on the individual’s scores and are recommended in precisely the right dosage for nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, food extracts, herbs, amino acids, prebiotics, and probiotics.

What Happens After I Receive My Kit?

  1. Check your email and open your Viome introductory email to register your kit online, set up your account and fill out your questionnaire.

  2. Collect your sample from home (blood & stool) and send them back to the Viome lab.

  3. Viome’s lab will analyze the samples and, within 2-3 weeks, you will see results and recommendations downloaded into your account (through the app or desktop).

  4. Then you are able to order our monthly Precision Supplements™ if you choose!

Viome Analyzes the Function of the Gut Microbiome

  • Are you eating more protein than your gut microbiome can handle?

  • Are your cells performing their functions efficiently or are they undergoing stress from oxidative stress or environmental toxins? 

  • Is your immune system prepared to defend from invaders?

  • Does your biological age match your chronological age? 

  • How is your gut microbiome impacting your glycemic response? 

  • Would avoiding cruciferous vegetables be beneficial for you right now?

  • Is your body really getting those berry benefits?

What Makes Viome Different from Other Companies Analyzing the Gut Microbiome?

Only Viome offers the most advanced and precision-based way of analyzing the gut microbiome and its activities.

By focusing on RNA over DNA, Viome is able to determine which microbes are actually present and active within the gut, alongside their specific functions and activities. Similar tests using DNA only receive stagnant data that does not differentiate between microbes that are present now versus microbes that were once there but no longer. 

Additionally, other RNA-based tests typically use one of two other methods to determine the presence of microbial RNA.

16S rRNA gene sequencing: The simplest, least expensive, and most common method which sequences a small portion of the highly conserved prokaryotic 16S ribosomal RNA gene. This method can provide some inclusive information on microbial presence but does not measure the biochemical functions of the microorganisms or distinguish living from dead organisms. In addition, traditional 16S rRNA sequencing excludes some bacteria, most archaea, and all eukaryotic organisms, resulting in a limited view of the gut microbiome ecosystem.

Metagenomic (shotgun DNA) sequencing: A more advanced option, this method provides improved analysis of DNA-based microorganisms, but it does not detect RNA viruses or RNA bacteriophages. It can only identify the potential biochemical functions of the microbiome and can neither identify nor quantify the active biochemical pathways.

Instead, Viome uses the most robust, advanced form of RNA sequencing called Metatranscriptomic analysis

Metatranscroptomics offers insights into the biochemical activities of the gut microbiome by calculating how much activity there is of microbial genes, allowing Viome to assess how they behave and what their functions are. In addition, it provides strain-level taxonomic identification for all metabolically active organisms. 

Until now, metatranscriptomic analyses of stool samples have been limited because of the cost and complexity involved.

However, Viome has been able to decrease the cost of RNA sequencing making it more accessible to the public while offering our customers best in class technology.


Gut Microbiome

What can Viome’s Recommendations Do for My Gut Microbiome?

By analyzing the genes that microbes express, we can identify which metabolites they produce – in other words, we can determine their role in your body’s ecosystem. By following Viome’s diet and lifestyle recommendations, a person can fine-tune the function of their gut microbiome to minimize the production of harmful metabolites and maximize the production of beneficial ones. 

Our Viome customers report feeling noticeable or significant benefits in the areas of digestion, occasional gas & bloating, sleep, weight loss, energy, mental clarity, skin conditions, and more. Health stems from the gut. Positively impacting the gut through nutrition can influence different areas of the body and improve not only digestion, but skin health, mental health, and much more.

How are Food Recommendations Chosen?

Your diet can directly determine your health and the health of your gut.

Your food recommendations are generated by the combined efforts of our specially trained clinical nutrition staff and advanced AI technology to determine which foods fit into your Superfood, Enjoy, Minimize, and Avoid categories.

Recommended based on over 30 health scores included with our Gut Intelligence or Health Intelligence Test, you’re equipped with truly personalized recommendations made just for you.

What Supplements are Included?

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all supplement recommendations, short quizzes, or Google when it comes to determining what you really need. With Viome’s Precision Supplements & Probiotics + Prebiotics, each individual receives a special formula chosen from over 250 premium ingredients in just the daily dosage you need.

Recommended based on over 30 health scores included with our Health Intelligence Test, you’re equipped with truly personalized recommendations made just for you.

What Viome Reviews Say

Viome’s Health Intelligence Test has already benefited over 300,000 people, allowing them to take control of their health, slow biological aging, and feel their best.

What is Viome Life Sciences?

In our latest venture, Viome has created our own research division dedicated to the discovery of new disease biomarkers, therapeutics and drug discovery interactions to lead the forefront of disease research.

Committed to our vision to prevent and reverse chronic disease, Viome Life Sciences works to investigate these areas through clinical studies that benefit our customers and the world through improved understanding of disease prevention, development, treatment, and prognosis.

In addition, the data that Viome collects from our studies work to better improve how our AI engine adapts and evolves to benefit our platform.

What Research is Viome Doing?

Viome Life Sciences has built a team of world-class clinicians, life scientists, and data scientists to establish the new Health Sciences division. 

Our ability to examine RNA sequences (determining the level of expression from specific genes) and compare them against a database of biomarkers (not to mention utilizing our incredible machine learning techniques) makes determining the risk of disease faster than ever. Faster answers can mean better outcomes and get you the information you need to more rapidly seek clinical help.

If you’re interested in what studies are currently recruiting, visit our Viome Life Science site today and get involved.

Who is Partnering with Viome?

As part of our research initiative, Viome is always looking to partner with academic institutions and industry research entities to broaden our reach into highly specialized areas of science.

Currently, Viome has recruited members for its Scientific Advisory Board, which include Dr. George Church (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Alessio Fasano (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Sanjiv Chopra (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Emeran Mayer (UCLA), Dr. Andrew McCaullum (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Dr. Salomon Amar (New York Medical College), and Dr. Gilles Guillemin (Macquarie University) to create a firm scientific foundation.

Additionally, Viome has brought on Stanley Lapidus (Founder of Exact Sciences and Cytyc), Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD, Dr. Edward Zuckerberg & Dr. Karen Zuckerberg (Entrepreneurs), Tom Hopper (Actor and entrepreneur) and Vishen Lakhiani (Founder of MindValley) to join the Business Advisory Board. 

Moreover, we’ve already begun research efforts in partnership with Glaxo-Smith Kline, the Mayo Clinic, and Children’s Integrated Center for Success.


Privacy Protection is “built into” our process!

Viome looks at RNA, also known as gene expression—not DNA. RNA is not identifiable to individuals when looked at as opposed to DNA. In addition, to ensure the confidentiality of your data, we separate your personally identifiable information (PII) from protected health information (PHI) and use multiple layers of encryption and access protection. 

CLIA Compliance

Your analysis is performed in a US laboratory (located in Bothell, WA) that is certified to meet CLIA standards. A CLIA certified lab must meet certain quality standards and ensure the accuracy and reliability of your results. Rest assured your sample will be in expert hands.