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The Connection Between Mood and Digestion

It is well understood that there are many physical symptoms associated with mood, such as digestive issues and bodily discomforts.

When it comes to the gut, people experiencing stress or feeling of anxiousness often deal with appetite disturbances, metabolic changes, gastrointestinal complaints, and other unwelcome changes in their gut microbiome.

Mental Health - Mood Imbalance

The Gut-brain Axis

Our actual brain controls most of the functions in our body by sending direct messages via our central nervous system (CNS) to many of our organs and limbs.

But your gut has a mind of its own, made up of its very own nervous system called the enteric nervous system (ENS). Scientists often refer to this as our “second brain.” This system is in constant communication with our CNS, sending messages back and forth.

Many of these conversations consist of cognitive and emotional messages being transmitted back and forth. That’s why when you’ve misplaced your wallet or your keys, you might feel a sense of anxiety that branches straight down into your gut.

Scientists have mounting evidence that microbial activity can also affect hormones, digestion, and our immune system.

Direct changes in gut health can influence our behavior (and vice versa), as well as cause changes in our mood.

Mental Health - The Gut-brain Axis

Stress itself can affect our gut ecosystem and ultimately, our mood.

How Viome Can Help

Optimize Your Gut Health, Boost Diversity, and Improve Overall Wellness With Nutrition Customized For You*

As we know, the American diet is high in refined sugars and processed foods that can support the growth of harmful organisms in your gut and increase your risk for digestive issues. In many cases, just reducing your intake of these foods can help, but this dietary shift alone may not be enough.

Your gut microbiome may in fact have trouble with foods most people define as “healthy.” Even foods like spinach, kale, or fermented foods that are often associated with a healthy gut may not be a good choice depending on the state of your gut.

But eating the right foods can promote your healthspan and maintain balance in your gut, body, and mind.

Stabilizing your gut ecosystem allows for the gut to improve its hold over the central nervous system.*

Mental Health - How Viome Can Help

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