What are Personalized Vitamins?

Personalized vitamins are a fast-rising trend in wellness. Companies are looking to capitalize on the $40 billion supplements industry by offering vitamins that are customized just for you. With recent advances in science and technology, one would think this would be an easy, no-brainer. But there is more to the story.

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Are Most “Personalized Vitamins” Really Personalized?

At first glance, personalized vitamins seem like a great idea. No more crowded cupboards with expired vitamins and supplements, no more wondering which vitamins are right for you, and no more feeling completely overwhelmed in the vitamin aisle.

Not so fast! Before you jump into a personalized vitamins subscription that claims to be customized just for you, there are some things you should know.

The majority of “personalized vitamin” companies have you fill out a quick survey and ask you a few questions about your health goals; Do you need better sleep? Do you want less acne and healthier skin? Want to improve your immunity? Well, of course you do. The problem is that this isn’t truly personalized, just marginally more convenient than buying the same pills you can buy yourself separately. This often involves simply selecting a handful of vitamins from different bins in a warehouse based on your answers to a few generic questions.

Then you have the DNA vitamins and supplements that claim to be customized based on your DNA. The problem is, your DNA never changes, no matter how many vitamins you take. You are still getting mass produced vitamins selected from bins.

Finally, there are the personalized vitamin companies that make you take a vitamins blood test. These tests measure vitamin levels in your bloodstream, like Vitamin D, Zinc and Magnesium. This is not necessarily an indicator of exactly what your body needs at that moment to be healthy. Optimum levels of specific vitamins in your blood don’t automatically equate to good health. These tests don’t tend to take into account your gut microbiome health, mitochondrial health, or anything else.

There are, however, precise, personalized vitamins and supplements. Viome’s Precision Supplements™ are made-to-order based on your unique body, cells and microbiome.

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The Most Precise, Best Personalized Vitamin Packs Available

Viome Precision Supplements™ are truly customized, not put together from DNA results or a questionnaire. Your precise supplemental formulation is created directly from your body’s health measurements on a molecular level, from over 30 different health scores included with your Viome Health Intelligence™ test, making Viome Precision Supplements the most accurately personalized vitamins on the market. When certain scores from your test results are identified as “Not Optimum,” specific nutrients are recommended for each to boost that function, calculated using Viome’s robust AI platform and Bioinformatics technology. Not all foods and supplements are right for your body. Since these nutrition recommendations come directly from your unique health measurements, this is where true personalization can be achieved taking into account what is and is not good for your unique body for superior supplemental nutrition.

Precision Supplements: Your Personalized Vitamin Subscription and much more

Here’s how it works: To start you out, Viome’s Gut Intelligence™ and Health Intelligence tests measure your health down to a molecular level, from your mitochondrial health and cellular health to your oxidative stress and gut health. From there, a precise formula is designed that is unique to your individual needs in precise dosages, from more than 200 specific strains of probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, food extracts, minerals, herbs, enzymes, amino acids, and other natural extracts like antioxidants and polyphenols.

Your supplements arrive each month in a sleek, countertop box, shipped directly to your door. Along with your monthly supplement subscription, you also receive precise food recommendations to help you boost your personal nutritional needs even further through the Viome app. This is taking your supplements and personal wellness to a whole new level.

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Measuring the Effects of your Daily Vitamin Packs

The true difference between vitamins you buy in the store or so-called personalized vitamins and Viome Precision Supplements is measurement and the ability to see your progress. When you precisely measure your personal health, down to the molecular level, you are able to get accurate recommendations for the specific health of your body at that moment, to help you feel better, healthier, see the difference when you close that loop by retesting. Once you do that, you can see how you, your health scores and biomarkers have changed through retesting. It’s taking the intangible and making it tangible, right in the Viome app. Our 3-step process of Measure - Nourish - Improve gives you the tools to keep up your momentum, and help you move along on your personal health journey.

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