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Your body is unique.
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Here’s how Viome’s personalized recommendations are changing lives.

“I’ve been following my recommendations for about a month and GI-issues have largely improved."

Christine, Viome Customer

"I’ve tried SO MANY eating plans and diets but Viome is the first one tailored for ME. Over time I made diet improvements with South Beach, Atkins, “no white food”, caveman, Paleo, Keto, Intermittent fasting/time restricted eating, Nourishing Traditions, and they have all been valuable experiences. BUT Viome takes me to the next level with a diet specifically for my body."

Ken, Viome Customer

"LOVE my results with Viome!!! SUPER happy!!!"

Anna Lux, Viome Customer

"This number is a bit of a shock to me as I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! I am still sugar free and eating my recommendations apart from a teeny cheesy blip last night. I feel amazing, I mean properly amazing, full of energy, my skin is better, I feel more emotionally stable, my shape is still changing (11 lbs off) and my bowels are an efficient working machine."

Fiona, Viome Customer

“Beets are on my superfood list. I just listened to a podcast that said beets are great for liver function (which is important for clearing excess estrogen/balancing hormones). My DNA tests showed i have SNP for poor liver function and slow estrogen metabolism. Beets to the rescue. Thanks again, Viome for looking out! Xxoo”

Sandi Miller, Viome Customer

"Was too afraid to eat carbs until I saw my recommendations and decided to be brave. I tried it and my adrenal issues got better within a day. No more anxiety and less cramping each month."

Helen, Viome Customer

"...already feel a positive change."

Diana Miller, Viome Customer

“This is crazy, just got my Viome results yesterday & ate only the recommended… Lost 3lbs in one day! The avoid foods we’re surprising!”

Nico McLane, Viome Customer

“I found through a combination of following my Viome food recs, intermittent fasting and blocking blue light later in the day, I'm loaded with vibrancy. I'm also exhibiting much more patience. My anxiety has dropped drastically.

Ted, Viome Customer

“I don’t know that I can fully express how impressed I am with Viome. I just got my test results [and] was blown away that so many foods that I thought were super healthy for me were on my avoid or minimize list. No doctor had ever told me that those foods had a negative effect on my conditions (with the exception of nuts)."

Kimberly, Viome Customer

“I was blown away by my results & have started eating the suggested foods! I feel that my inflammation is going down - I’m happy!!!”

Rhonda, Viome Customer

"...My gym efforts haven’t helped like Viome."

Jenna, Viome Customer