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Your body is unique.
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Here’s how Viome’s personalized recommendations are changing lives.

“I just looked at my Viome questionnaires that I did back in October and realized I've lost 15 lbs since then. It's been such a slow steady progress that I hardly noticed.”

Tina, Viome Customer

“I've lost 13 pounds, my acne is gone (I’m 41), I don't belch after each meal, my bloating is gone, I don't have daily headaches, I feel better, I have more energy, I'm not ravenous all the time... the list could go on and on... I can't thank you all enough!”

Emily, Viome Customer

“Sent away for your kit. Got my results. Within a few days of eating from your list I started to feel better... I had chronic diarrhea for months and was desperate to learn about my microbiome. I exercise everyday. So far in two months I have lost 12 lbs. I feel better... more energy, sleeping better etc.

Beth, Viome Customer

“I've been implementing my specific recommendations for months now and have noticed a tremendous difference in my energy level and overall gut function. I would recommend Viome to everyone as it provides tools and insight for all of us to come into balance and vibrancy... from “dis-ease” to a healthy lifestyle.”

Alice, Viome Customer

Best thing I've ever done really. I feel like I have answers for perplexing health questions I've been trying to solve for years. Just following recommendations not even 2 months and I'm sleeping better and feeling better already. Can't wait to see how I feel in 6 months.”

Stacy, Viome Customer

"I got the results back a month ago and I have noticed a big difference in how I feel. I used to overeat because I thought I was hungry, but it turns out that some of the food I was eating was upsetting my stomach and making me feel hungry when I wasn’t."

Travis, Viome Customer

"...resulted in unbelievable energy and vitality."

Ken, Viome Customer

“So I started following my recommendations [five days ago] and have lost 9 pounds as of today. I'm attributing this to water loss and inflammation reduction. I would like to add that weight loss was not a goal, I was concerned with inflammation related to leaky gut issues. Anybody else notice shifts in their biology following the recommendations?” 

Abi, Viome Customer

I’m down 20 pounds since switching to “Viome Approved” foods. More energy. Thinking Clearly. And I’ve had some big bumps on my face and skin that my doctor called “aging” and I should get used to it - has almost completely disappeared.”

Chip, Viome Customer

“I can not thank your company enough for developing this tool that not only help me see immediate results from the super food suggestions you recommended me, but for also developing a tool that doctors in individuals alike can use to monitor and guide the choices we make to improve our microbiome health.” 

Kirk, Viome Customer