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What Makes Viome the Best Gut Microbiome Testing Company


We’ve been leading the field of precision nutrition with our vision for years. And now, the science that ties the gut microbiome to health and chronic disease is no longer on the precipice of an expansion. We are now living in an era of gut microbiome research continually exposing even the most subtle of relationships between our gut ecosystem and our health. But don’t just take our word for it. If you look closely, you’ll find that Viome’s Health Intelligence Test continues to be the most affordable and comprehensive test on the market. 

We compared the technology of our tests against the technology used by other tests on the market like Day Two, BIOHM, GI-MAP, Genova Diagnostics, Onegevity Health, Everlywell, Atlas Biomed, and Ubiome. Combined with our unique sequencing technology, the strength of our platform, our AI engine, and the incredible minds that helped build it, we’re sure there is no better test on the market.

We’re committed to a deeper understanding of human biology.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Viome began its mission to rid the world of chronic diseases. To do this, we embarked on a journey to discover the complex relationship between our overall health and the health of our gut microbiome. 

Throughout these efforts, we’ve continued to grow our partnerships and expand research efforts to unmask how the microbes in our gut impact various aspects of our health. From digestion to inflammation, biological aging, immune health, mental health to skin health, we’re constantly learning how pivotal our dietary choices can be. And now for the first time, we’re even taking the data we’ve accumulated to create new tests like Viome’s Oral and Throat Cancer Test designated Breakthrough Device for accelerated Review by FDA.

More than just a gut test. 

With our first test, we wanted to empower each person with a greater understanding of how they can use their diet to live a healthier, more resilient life. By taking the current scientific research behind the gut microbiome, we began gathering information about the foods we eat and their impact on gut microbial activities. What we learned only strengthened our resolve: simply by helping people choose the right foods for their individual needs, it is possible to directly address the root cause of low-grade inflammation, a trigger for most common symptoms like bloating, digestive issues, joint pain, skin problems, brain fog, weight gain, and more. 

Already, scientists have begun studying how interconnected our gut microbiome is with our digestive system, immune system, central nervous system, and more. The microbes that thrive in our gut are as essential to our body as our own cells. Working in synergy with us, they help regulate and optimize our body’s internal mechanisms. But like our cells, when our gut microbiome is overwhelmed or depleted, imbalanced or unhealthy, it can disrupt how well we function. 

And the insight we gained from our Gut Intelligence Test allowed us to see new and improved ways to support our own cells. Combining the data from our gut microbiome (microbial gene expressions) with a simple blood test (human gene expressions), our Health Intelligence Test is able to connect the dots between the microbes in our gut and how they impact the human or “host” side of us. 

When we examine your blood, we can determine how efficient your cells and mitochondria are and how best to optimize their function through nutrition. What we’ve learned is shocking: when our gut is imbalanced, it can change how resistant we are to stress, our ability to heal ourselves, how well we generate energy, and whether we can dampen inflammation or even activate our immune system at all.

How accurate is Viome’s test?

One of the things that makes our Health Intelligence Test so impressive is our commitment to using state-of-the-art strategies to show a more accurate expression of the composition of our gut microbiome. Known as metatranscriptomics, Viome sequences the complete ‘transcriptome’ or RNA expression of each person’s entire microbial community. This allows us to see who is present and alive, and their activity. By focusing on what our microbial cells (and our own cells) are actively doing, they can give us a better idea of how well - or poorly - they’re functioning. 

This is very different from other gut tests that use ‘metagenomics’ that examine microbial DNA. This other method includes organisms no longer living inside you and can give you false information about the microbial colonies in your gut ecosystem. They also won’t be able to give you valuable insight about who is doing what, and how that’s impacting the rest of your body. Viome’s unique RNA sequencing technology was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense at Los Alamos National Lab and is exclusively licensed to Viome.

What makes RNA superior to DNA tests?

DNA makes up who we are. Inside each of our cells, we contain a microscopic blueprint that contains every tiny detail about how we are made. Woven inside us, our DNA makes up over 10,000 genes that code for every protein used to create our cells and make them function. Our DNA is incredibly unique and it says a lot about where we came from and what we can do. It is also very stable, and every cell carries an exact replica. This assures our body that when we need new cells, everything gets the exact same file. 

But what DNA doesn’t tell us is what actually is getting used. If DNA were a roadmap of a city, it would list every street, every alley, and every corner. But when you’re living your life, you don’t use every single road, every day. And in some cases - you may not ever use them all. 

Instead, you tend to stick to certain patterns - and you can learn a lot about yourself from those patterns. For example, by looking at the roads you do use, we could see what your favorite restaurants are, which grocery stores you use, and what parks you like to visit. The roads you actually use are like RNA, and the places they take you are like the genes they code for. Though the entire map (your DNA) is available to you, you may only use roads (your RNA) for certain places (specific genes). At Viome, what we can then do is help you choose better routes - or maybe even direct you to places that might be healthier for you. That’s why at Viome we look at your RNA over your DNA. Only your RNA can give us a real snapshot of what your gut microbes and cells are actually doing, and not just what is there. Unfortunately, tests that use DNA can’t tell you a lot about your health or whether you’re moving toward or away from disease.

But by using metatranscriptomics, we can go one step further and actually examine RNA activity and see what each microbe is doing and what they are producing. This can vary significantly from one person to another and make the greatest difference in your health. When we compared individuals and their response to various carbohydrates, our scientists found that people could respond uniquely to the same foods. For people with diabetes, this could mean they might experience stable blood sugar or a serious diabetic episode depending on the activity of the gut microorganisms inside them.

What does Viome do with my sample after I receive my results?

When you purchase a Gut Intelligence or Health Intelligence Test, you’re joining a movement against chronic disease. Every time you test, your sample is analyzed in our state-of-the-art AI intelligence platform that accumulates your RNA data and generates trends and patterns used to make our system better every day. That means you are directly inspiring and improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with every test! But when it comes to privacy, Viome believes every person deserves protection. 

Which is why we don’t store your DNA in our system. Because we examine and monitor RNA activity, we don’t analyze samples based on DNA. The activity and trends we see in RNA change over time, unlike your DNA - and RNA isn’t linked to specific individuals. So you can feel rest assured that your privacy is met with the respect it deserves.

How does Viome match up to other kinds of testing methods?

In truth, there is no other company out there that offers fully integrated metatranscriptomics. There are a number of companies that analyze the DNA of microbes present in a sample through various methods. Some of the most common ones you’ll find incorporate metagenomics (whole shotgun sequencing of DNA), PCR (polymerase chain reaction) quantification of DNA, or other DNA sequencing techniques.

Making Health a Habit with Viome’s Food & Supplement Recommendations

Unlike other tests, we don’t provide you a printout and kick you out the door. We’re here for the long haul. Viome uses a highly trained team of translational scientists uniquely equipped to convert your data into precision nutrition recommendations specific to you and your own unique biology. We’ve tapped into this potential and combined it with best-in-class scientists and engineers to create a unique AI algorithm and translational science expert advice to offer the most comprehensive gut test on the market.

We believe that the answer lies within our diet, using food as preventative medicine. We offer a unique approach to inspire real change with precision dietary recommendations that fit your needs based on the current state of your health.

Imagine a World Where Illness is Optional 

Our team of scientists work every day to improve upon the technology and its relatability to health and wellbeing. We will continue to work around the clock with specialists and partner with research organizations to help utilize the information you have entrusted to us. We will take what we have learned and support the growth of clinical and basic science research for disease prevention. And we will continue on our path until we’ve achieved our mission to overcome the development of chronic disease once and for all.