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Viome launches world’s-first, made to order, precision supplements based on deep health insights

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Viome redefines the “personalized” supplements category to create individualized supplement formulas that are tailor-made for each person’s cellular, mitochondrial and gut microbiome health insights.

Bellevue, September 8, 2020. Viome, a systems biology company that digitizes, decodes and deciphers human biology with a mission to prevent and reverse chronic diseases, has launched the world's first made to order Viome Precision Supplements™. The service is completely unique, powered by Viome Health Intelligence™ at home tests, which precisely measure individuals’ gut microbiome health, cellular health and mitochondrial health, with more than 30 specific health scores. Viome designs a precise formula, based on the health insights, unique to each individual’s need for specific probiotic strains, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, amino acids, and other natural extracts like antioxidants and polyphenols.

Each individual formula is made to order in Daily Precision supplement packs in capsule and powder formats,  delivered direct to the customer’s door every month to nourish them. Customers also receive precise food recommendations through the Viome app. Importantly Viome’s subscription is the first ever to include at home retesting 2-3 times per year, allowing customers to see improvements in their health markers and get a new formula after each retest as the body is changing.

Viome precision supplements are different from the previous generations of personalized supplements which were premixed capsules packaged based on a few questions or based on static DNA which doesn’t change when you gain weight, have trouble sleeping, develop diabetes or depression. Precision supplements are based on each individual’s dynamic biological needs on a molecular level that are measured with our health intelligence service.

“With Precision Supplements, we achieved a breakthrough that was considered impossible before, a new era of precision and personalization in healthcare. ” said Naveen Jain, CEO of Viome “In each monthly pack of ingredients we’re giving people just what they need and nothing that they don’t, not just picking from a menu of generic pills. By retesting several  times a year we help people see real improvements for themselves rather than rely on faith and it also allows us to adjust the formula to the continually changing needs of their body.”

Viome Precision Supplements provide precise nutrition, conveniently delivered monthly, and help customers achieve the health improvements they’re looking for, including boosted immunity, better sleep, more energy, clearer skin, improved digestion, and better focus. They can also see changes in their health markers that show you the improvements inside their body.

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About Viome

Viome is on a mission to help people understand what they uniquely need to be healthy through analysis of their unique biology in areas like the gut microbiome, and cellular and mitochondrial health. The ultimate goal is to prevent and reverse chronic diseases such as diabetes, anxiety, depression, and obesity, and empower people to live healthier lives. Over 125,000 customers have taken Viome’s Health Intelligence™ or Gut Intelligence™ tests with >95% satisfaction. The company has created a breakthrough therapeutics platform that combines advanced Metatranscriptomic sequencing technology developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratories with powerful Artificial Intelligence and Translation Science knowledge.