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Here’s how Viome’s personalized recommendations are changing lives.

Jump started weight loss, reduced brain fog and inflammation, increased my energy. Wish I had done it years ago.”

Shannon, Viome Customer

I took my first test in June and retested in January. I’ve noticed my overall health has changed dramatically. My finger nails now grow, I can now comfortably eat/drink dairy products when before I would’ve sworn I was lactose intolerant. And I lost 23lbs that had haunted me for close to ten years!    
Additionally, my best friend greatly improved her microbiome, again thanks to the Viome product and shockingly managed to come of the medication that’s she’s been on for a DECADE for ADHD!! She never thought that was possible! It’s been an absolutely incredible journey!

Suzanna, Viome Customer

"Thanks to Viome, I now know the specific reason about a digestive issue I used to have. I was able to target the root cause and it no longer bothers me. Viome taught me to feed the beneficial microorganisms that help me be healthier. The recommendations I have received are geared to me, and I am confident when following them that I am picking the best food for my body."

Dimitar, Viome Customer

"...Can’t put a price on good health."

Margareta, Viome Customer

“I'm following my Viome recommendations and feel better than I have in years … only after 30 days!I have pretty strong reactions to gluten & other foods that cause chronic inflammation, fatigue, brain fog, and inability to lose a stubborn 15 pounds. Since taking this test, I've lost weight and kept it off and improved greatly on the other issues I've struggled with!”

Jen, Viome Customer

"...GI-issues have largely improved."

Christine, Viome Customer

“I usually have 2-3 bad nights of sleep per week with insomnia. After the first week on my new Viome diet I've had great sleep every night!”

Jess, Viome Customer

“Worth it! When I consider the amount of $$ I had been spending to try to resolve all the issues and had no clue as to what direction would help, Viome offered answers, some clarity, and great direction on food choices. No price can be put on good health and enjoying life more.”

Ginger, Viome Customer

“You guys at Viome are awesome! My predatory gut rehab, guided by Viome has enabled me to be the only person on my trip to India that had not experienced ANY diarrhea! Gotta love a healthy gut.”

Jenn, Viome Customer

“Love these guys!!!!! Best test ever taken!”

brucewayne9, Viome Customer