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Health Intelligence Company Viome Supports Our Local Farmers Markets


Viome is proud to have our corporate headquarters in Bellevue, since being founded by serial entrepreneur Naveen Jain in 2016, and we are excited to partner with our very own Bellevue Farmers Market. Our mission is to help you understand what your body uniquely needs to be healthy and to ultimately prevent and reverse chronic disease by using food as medicine. Our core values of empowering individuals to take control of their health, move humanity forward, and focus on inspiration and education tie perfectly to those of the Bellevue Farmers Market, as well as other organizations in the surrounding area who contribute to getting fresh, whole foods out in the community.

Through our “Power of Giving” programs, Viome promotes employee engagement and initiatives that focus on health and wellness, food and nutrition, and girls in STEM. We encourage our employees to volunteer, create positive change in our communities, and build awareness around health and nutrition. Partnering with local groups, we provide for others in need and support individuals and families everywhere.

Our local farmer’s market communities

With the warm, summer weather, now is the perfect time to get out and visit one of the many farmer’s markets near you. Bring your list of superfoods to shop out in the open, fresh air (taking social distancing precautions, of course).

Other markets in our community we encourage you to support are:

Columbia City Farmer’s Market

University District Farmer’s Market

West Seattle Farmer’s Market

Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market

Pike Place Farmer’s Market

Ballard Farmer’s Market

Currently, these markets are open for business and observe codes of conduct for safety. Many even offer preorder and pickup!

Supporting any local farmers and farmer’s market in your area is as simple as visiting the national USDA directory and searching for your location.

Whole foods for health

Viome’s precise food and nutrition recommendations are founded on a cornerstone list of over 300 whole, natural foods, and ingredients. We believe in the power of real, natural superfoods to fuel your body, cells, mitochondria, and balance and nourish your gut microbiome.

Our food recommendations do not list GMO-specific foods, as well as any processed foods, as many contain additives and preservatives, lose much of their nutritional value--and often have to be “enriched” with vitamins and minerals as part of the processing. Our nutrition recommendations give you personalized lists of Superfoods, as well as foods to Avoid, allowing you to invest in your health with whole, natural nutrition.

Immunity is now a priority

Now more than ever, it’s essential to eat the foods that can help support your body’s innate immunity. Eating the right whole foods for your body means backing up your immune system with nutrition that helps your body sustain its health, and not create adverse effects such as inflammation that your immune system gets tied up trying to handle.

Clean energy powered by superfoods

The right superfoods for you can keep the mighty powerhouses of your cells, mitochondria, fueled, and working to give you natural energy. Instead of trying to get through your day with too much caffeine, energy drinks, or even supplements, sticking to a diet recommended specifically for your body’s needs can help you (and your mitochondria) generate the kind of energy that you need to get through the day.

Measuring your body to improve your health with precise nutrition

At Viome we offer services to measure your body’s health with a snapshot of your cellular, mitochondrial, and microbiome functionality. Along with analysis insights, find out precise food and supplement recommendations that you need to be healthy. Help improve your immunity, mental clarity, mood/stress, weight, sleep, energy levels, and digestive wellness by putting your recommendations into action.

Our Gut Intelligence service is the award-winning microbiome test complete with comprehensive analysis, and food and supplement recommendations. Health insights include reports on Digestive Efficiency, Inflammatory Activity, Metabolic Fitness, and 17 more.

Our world-first Health Intelligence
service provides everything from Gut Intelligence, integrated with the breakthrough technology of our Human Gene Expression test to view how your diet and other factors are influencing cellular, mitochondrial, and microbiome functions. Health insights include reports on Stress Response, Biological Age, Immune System Health, and 27 more only available with Health Intelligence.

The Viome Online Community

Viome stands with our 100,000 strong user and online community to support each other with tips on eating the right superfoods for you in affordable, more convenient ways, and how to support your body’s cells, mitochondria, and gut microbiome to improve your wellness and immunity. You can visit the community any time on Facebook!

Get started on your Wellness as a Service journey

To get started on your Viome journey to improved health, visit our Health Intelligence, Gut Intelligence, Precision Supplements, or customized probiotics and prebiotics product pages to view and select that best fits your health measurement needs.