Your Body’s First Line of Immune Defense? Your Gut Microbiome

Your body’s immunity relies on a healthy gut microbiome. Viome’s Gut Intelligence™ Test gives precise food & supplement recommendations to improve your overall wellness.

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Concerned about immunity?
Consult your gut microbiome.

With concerns about infectious diseases like influenza and coronavirus (COVID 19) you may be looking for ways to improve your innate immunity. There are specific measures those experiencing symptoms should take, but latest science shows a beneficial relationship between your gut microbiome, the foods you eat, and overall immunity. Your gut lining houses 70% of the cells that make up your immune system and eating the right foods which feed your microbes can help in maintaining your gut barrier integrity. Viome's personalized insights and precise recommendations can help you.

What is the gut microbiome?

Your microbiome is the ecosystem of trillions of microorganisms living in and on your body, like bacteria, viruses, bacteriophages, yeast, fungus and mold. A healthy gut flora supports our immune system, makes vitamins, and other nutrients. It is known to be connected to your overall wellbeing, weight, energy, mood, stress, and increasingly- many chronic diseases.

What is the importance of a balanced gut microbiome?

When your gut is not in balance, known as dysbiosis, it can be more at risk from pathogens which in very small amounts are not usually problematic, but when these increase, it may trigger symptoms such as low-grade inflammation, bloating, constipation or diarrhea.

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Gut Barrier Health and Leaky Gut

The inner lining of the small and large intestines (the gut barrier) facilitates the uptake of nutrients, water, and electrolytes, and keeping out pathogens. It can be vulnerable as it consists of only a single layer of human cells. When our gut barrier is healthy, it acts as one of the first lines of defense against illness and disease.

When your gut barrier is compromised, things from the outside environment, such as toxins, medications, and harmful bacteria can make their way into your bloodstream and negatively affect your immune system, inflammation levels, digestive health, and overall well-being. Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test™ has an Intestinal Barrier Health score, one of 20 scores displayed in your results section.

Immunity and Your Gut Microbiome 

Your gut’s immune system, called the GALT (gut-associated lymphoid tissue) regulates its inflammatory response as an important part of your body’s overall immune system. The GALT needs to make your body tolerate molecules of food and other substances that are harmless, while tackling pathogens it encounters. Eating the right foods which feed your microbes can help in maintaining your gut barrier integrity. By working with our immune system—it’s clear that gut microbes are essential to keeping us in good health. 


How to Feed Your Microbiome


Harmful foods for your gut microbiome

Several food types, when eaten to excess, can cause harm to your gut microbiome. If you are experiencing digestive issues or other health problems, it could be related to your microbiome.

Sugary food. Diets with high sugar content cause unhealthy bacteria to thrive inside the gut, causing weight gain and other health conditions.

Artificial sweeteners like Saccharin or aspartame, reduce good bacteria in your gut and can lead to high levels of blood sugar.

Unhealthy fats. While fats like Omega 3, help the good gut bacteria, saturated fats can cause bad bacteria to thrive.

Healthy” foods for your gut microbiome

There is no universal healthy diet. Some “healthy” foods might not work for your microbiome.  For example greens and nuts are anti-inflammatory for some people but can cause harm to others.

Let food be thy medicine.

Viome recommends foods and supplements intended to help your unique microbiome like: 

 “Superfoods” & ‘Enjoy” Foods beneficial for your microbiome which can stimulate production of healthy nutrients your body needs right now. 

“Minimize” or “Avoid” Foods which may result in toxins being produced causing inflammation. 

Discover the foods recommended for your unique microbiome with a Viome Gut Intelligence Test

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Product Image
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Viome analyzes your gut microbiome, cellular and mitochondrial health gives you health scores to improve with personalized food & nutrition recommendations

Measure your health and see which scores you need to focus on like Digestive Efficiency or Inflammatory Activity

Nourish yourself with Superfoods to eat more of, foods to Avoid or Minimize & supplements to support overall health

Improve your health,  re-test to see how your scores change over time & update recommendations to meet your new goals.

Personalized nutrition recommendations based on your gut microbiome.

Gut Intelligence Kit

I had no clue that it would be such a life changing experience. After 3 months of following my Viome recommendations I felt a complete improvement with how I felt

Emma Aistrop

Emma Aistrop

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