Fuel Your Mind and Body with a Delectable and Nourishing Breakfast Bowl Recipe

brain bowl

The Better Brain Breakfast Bowl

Having a savory breakfast bowl over a sweet one is a great way to vary up your nutrition in the morning. This bowl gives you four main brain-targeting nutrients (marked with an*), plus plenty of options to give you choices to make it your own.

Many of these ingredients can be used from lunch or dinner leftovers from the day before or prepared in advance, and assembled in the morning. Get creative with your better brain bowl, and enjoy!


*1 Egg, hard-boiled, fried, or scrambled, your choice

*2-3 oz. Salmon, baked and cooled (a great way to use leftovers from the night before), or smoked

⅓ Cup quinoa, cooked (or brown rice, farro, etc.)

1 cup leafy greens (such as spinach, chard, kale, etc.)

*Broccoli, steamed and roughly chopped (optional)

*Shiitake mushrooms, sauteed in a little olive oil for about 5-7 minutes, until soft (optional)

Chopped almonds (or other nut, such as cashew, optional)

Crumbled feta (optional)

Salt & pepper to taste


Grab a large, shallow bowl or pasta bowl, and all of the ingredients you’d like to put in your dish. Layer the leafy greens on the bottom, then the grain and broccoli, mushrooms, salmon, then egg.

Sprinkle with a little flaky salt and freshly cracked pepper, drizzle with a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil (or avocado, or flax seed oil), and your day is started perfectly, with a nutritious and bountiful bowl, for body and mind. 

Enjoy and be productive! 

Chef’s Note: Be sure to cook your shiitake mushrooms fully, until they are tender and lightly browned. We don’t recommend eating these types of mushrooms raw. They can have an intense, bitter flavor, and can possibly trigger dermatitis for some people when eaten raw.1


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