Grants Program

Program Mission

The mission of the VRI Grants Program is to translate research into commercial products with clinical utility: devising new therapies and developing more accurate diagnostics and companion diagnostics.

Program Description

VRI offers grants to researchers and institutions anywhere in the World. The VRI Grants Program provides unlimited free access to VRI's systems biology platform that includes:

  • VRI sample collection kits
 (capillary blood, stool, saliva, vaginal swabs, etc.). Samples can be collected at home and shipped at room temperature.
  • VRI tests, which include bioinformatics
 (strain level taxonomy and quantitative gene expression)
  • Advanced data science analyses (machine learning)
  • State-of-the-art digital research platform for electronic recruitment and consent, collection of clinical data, delivering kits, etc.
  • Federally-accredited IRB with authority to approve clinical research in the USA, but VRI can help with ethical review applications elsewhere

Example: A VRI grantee collected saliva samples from patients with oral cancer and those that were cancer-free. VRI developed a diagnostic test for oral cancer that is currently moving through regulatory approvals in USA and EU.

The applicant and their institution may collect royalties from the commercialization of the product.

VRI Grants do not provide direct financial support. However, they include unlimited free VRI research support. If you would like to conduct a large clinical study with relevance to human health, you will need to include high-quality tests that may cost approximately $1000 each, which may limit the size of your study. With a VRI grant, you can include hundreds of participants and obtain clinical-grade data from multiple sites for free. For example, if VRI performs the stool, blood, and saliva tests on 300 participants at two time points, that makes VRI’s grant value of $1,800,000 USD.

The process of obtaining a VRI grant


  • Any organization in the World, commercial, educational, non-profit, etc.
  • You must have regulatory approvals to send human specimens to VRI laboratories in the USA.
  • Only proposals to conduct research on human subjects will be considered. Animal or in vitro research will not be considered.
  • Only proposals with a clear commercialization path will be considered.
  • Only projects that include a large number (>100) of study participants will be considered.

Application steps

  • Submit the pre-proposal (the form is below).
  • Our scientific team will review it and contact you if the proposal fits the VRI's mission.
  • We will schedule a video teleconference for a more detailed discussion.
  • VRI will work with you to finalize the study protocol and any ethical reviews.
  • We will create a partnership agreement between VRI and PI's institution (IP discussions, potential royalties).
  • The grant is awarded and the project starts.

Pre-proposal submission

If you have any questions before or after you apply, you can always email us at

Thank you for submitting your pre-proposal.

You will be contacted within two weeks if you are considered for a full application.