Shayna's Story

Shayna lost 71lbs in five months following Viome's
food recommendations and successfully avoided gastric bypass surgery. To date, Shayna has lost over 180lbs!

When it comes to weight loss, your microbiome matters.

The food you eat is digested by these 40 trillion invisible organisms in your gut. What they do with that food determines your weight and your health. No diet works for everyone because they don’t address the individuality of your microbiome.

If you want to get the most out of the friends inside your gut, you must first find out who’s in there, but more importantly, what they're doing.


A snapshot of the
world inside of you

Viome’s technology was originally developed for National Security at the Los Alamos National Lab and offers the highest resolution of a person’s gut microbiome. Not only is Viome able to identify and quantify the living microorganisms in your gut, but more importantly, we are able to identify what these organisms are actually producing and whether or not it is causing your body harm.


Viome gives you personalized food recommendations delivered right into your app based on the predicted response of your microbiome to hundreds of foods. Discover which foods you should enjoy, minimize, and avoid based on your unique biology.

Find out what foods your microbes are hungry for!

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