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Viome's Precision Supplements Complete™ is a monthly vitamin subscription box with daily sachets of personalized supplements, pre and probiotics in the exact dosages your unique body needs.

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What are Vitamin and Supplement Subscription Boxes?

From pre-packaged recipes and coffee to clothing and hot sauce, there seems to be a monthly subscription box for everything these days. And let’s face it, receiving a box of goodies each month on your doorstep is fun.

The latest subscription box craze is health supplement and vitamin subscription boxes. Instead of ten different jars of capsules and pills in your cabinet and overflowing pill organizers, you can now have your vitamins, supplements, and even probiotics delivered each month in convenient sachets and daily vitamin packs.

Picking which vitamin subscription box is best for you may seem difficult, but as you learn the specifics, the choice may be much easier than you think.

The Most Precise Monthly Vitamin Subscription Box Available

When it comes to vitamin and supplement subscriptions, you have choices. The majority of companies give you the basics, or have you fill out a quick questionnaire and claim to be customized. Some even base the contents on your DNA. The problem with that is your DNA never changes, no matter what supplements you take. You are born with it. So, you’re getting the same thing over and over – mass produced vitamins that don’t address your body’s needs right now, on a molecular level.

This brings us to the Viome’s Precision Supplements™. This monthly vitamin subscription box changes as your body does. It is the only truly customized vitamin subscription box which allows you to actively measure and monitor the effects on your body. These supplements are made-to-order and based on your unique body, cellular health and gut microbiome. It’s the perfect blend, uniquely formulated in the exact dosage your body needs, neatly packaged and delivered in a monthly subscription box.

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Precision Supplements Complete with Viome’s
Health Intelligence™ Test

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Who is the Precision Supplements Subscription Box for?

Women! Men! Fitness enthusiasts! Biohackers! Those suffering from gastrointestinal or skin conditions. Just about anyone, really. You name it! Precision Supplements is perfect for people who want to improve their overall health. Taking daily supplement packs and pre and probiotics while following the dietary recommendations could help you improve immunity, energy levels, mental clarity, skin health, cellular health, digestion, gut health, sleep better, lose weight, and so much more.

The catch is that this subscription vitamin box is formulated uniquely for you, and you alone, down to the molecular level. What is the perfect vitamin blend for one person may not be for another. That is why Viome tests you first.*

How Your Precision Supplements Subscription Works

The first step is to take Viome’s Health Intelligence™ test (included ) to measure your health down to a molecular level, from your mitochondrial health and cellular health to your oxidative stress and gut health. Overall, there are 30+ unique health scores, available to track on the Viome app. From there, a precise formula is designed that is customized to your unique body’s needs. This means precise dosages, from more than 200 specific strains of probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, food extracts, minerals, herbs, enzymes, amino acids, and other natural extracts like antioxidants and polyphenols.

What do you get in your Supplements Subscription Box?

You receive a complete prebiotic, probiotic, and supplement blend made just for you. Your monthly supplements subscription arrives each month in a sleek, countertop box, shipped directly to your doorstep. Your daily supplement capsules come in one pack, and your prebiotics + probiotics come in another, which you can mix with any smoothie or cold beverage. Along with your monthly supplement subscription, you also receive precise food recommendations to help you boost your personal nutritional needs even further through the Viome app.

Additionally, with the supplement subscription box, you are shipped a Health Intelligence Test kit every 6 months. Your blend may be adjusted depending on your body’s progress and any new research discovered by our Clinical Nutrition team.

Measuring the Effects on Your Health

You can track that progress in the Viome app. Since you retest every 6 months, you can see the results of your supplements and nutrition habits. Has your cellular health improved? Has your decreased? Is your gut health better than it was? Not only can you feel results in your physical and mental health improvements, but you can track your health in the Viome app and see real results.

Learn more about the Precision Supplements subscription box and get started today!

* It should also be noted that Viome Precision Supplements should only be used for minors over the age of 4, and after consulting with a pediatrician or other qualified healthcare provider. Also, as with any supplement, consult your healthcare provider, especially if you’re suffering from any medical condition, taking any medications, recovering or planning for any surgical procedure, have suffered any trauma or disability, are missing any organs in your body (completely or partially), are a transplant recipient, immunocompromised or on immunosuppressants, pregnant or nursing.