Gut Health Supplements*

To truly get your supplements precise and perfect for your body, it is important to first measure your health to find out exactly what your body needs.


The Importance of Maintaining Good Gut Health

The importance of your gut health can’t be overstated. It’s connected to your digestion, mind, skin, immunity and so much more. Your gut microbiome is the collection of trillions of microorganisms living in your gut, both beneficial and harmful, that form an ecosystem directly affecting your health. When your gut health is out of balance, your body may be unable to absorb nutrients properly, which can result in biological responses to stress, the root of so much discomfort, digestive issues, mental fogginess, unhealthy weight gain, and almost every chronic disease.

Whether you currently have balanced gut health or are looking to support a balanced microbiome, getting the proper nutrition, supplements, and probiotics for your unique body and microbiome goes a long way to good overall gut health.*

Gut Health Supplements

While reducing stress, getting plenty of sleep, exercising regularly and other healthy activities can help improve your gut health, the biggest factor is nutrition, and what you take in each day. It’s important to eat foods that help support your gut health. For an even bigger boost, taking supplements that include the right vitamins and pre and probiotics for you can really help promote and maintain a balanced gut microbiome and allow you to feel even better.*

But with so many supplements out there, what are the best gut health supplements for you? The answer: it depends on your body. Your gut microbiome contains over 8,000 strains of microbes. Most probiotics on the market only contain a handful of strains. There are thousands of supplements out there making all sorts of claims. Some are good for you, while some are good for others.

To truly get your gut health supplements precise and perfect for your body, it is important to first measure your health to find out exactly what your body needs. This isn’t some quick blood test or random questionnaire. Viome’s Health Intelligence or Gut Intelligence Tests measure your health down to the molecular level. The most advanced gut health supplements, Viome’s Precision Supplements are calculated using our Artificial Intelligence Platform and Bioinformatics technology, and formulated uniquely for you from more than 200 premium ingredients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, botanical extracts, amino acids, prebiotics & probiotics.

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Can Supplements help with Gut Function?

The inner lining of the small and large intestines (the gut barrier) facilitates the uptake of nutrients, water, and electrolytes, and keeping out pathogens. It can be vulnerable as it consists of only a single layer of human cells. When our gut barrier is healthy, it acts as one of the first lines of defense against illness and disease. When a person has increased intestinal permeability, harmful substances such as partially digested food, toxins, and bugs can penetrate the outside tissues and leak into the bloodstream, which can lead to digestive problems and even worse.

Your gut’s immune system, called the GALT (gut-associated lymphoid tissue) regulates its immune response as an important part of your body’s overall immune system. The GALT needs to make your body tolerate molecules of food and other substances that are harmless, while tackling pathogens it encounters. Eating the right foods which feed your microbes can help in maintaining your gut barrier integrity. By working with our immune system—it’s clear that gut microbes are essential to keeping us in good health.

To improve gut function, the first step is to change unhealthy habits, and improve your diet. Viome can help with dietary and nutritional recommendations to help maintain a healthy gut.

The second step is to ensure you are getting all of the best supplements for your gut health.* Studies have shown that Zinc, l-Glutamine, Curcumin, probiotics and a handful of other supplements are beneficial. The best way to ensure you are getting all of the helpful supplements that your body needs to repair its gut in the optimal dosages is Viome’s Precision Supplements.

Can supplements help you lose weight?

Your gut bacteria play a key role in your overall health and wellness. The bacteria can impact the way your body digests foods, the chemicals that tell your body that you are full, and how your body controls biological responses. Precision Supplements are created uniquely for you and are designed to help improve your overall health and wellness.* Improving your gut health can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Measuring the Effects of your Gut Health Supplements*

The problem with supplements that you purchase in the store is that you don’t know if it is truly right for you. Each individual has a unique body and gut microbiome. It is also difficult to determine how much of any given supplement is right for you. Also, keeping it all organized and tidy can be a pain. Twelve bottles with different supplements can be confusing and tiresome. With Precision Supplements, you get exactly what your body needs in the precise amount. It all comes monthly in a sleek, countertop box. Additionally, you are able to actually measure and see your results in the Viome app. We help you measure your health, adjust your diet accordingly, and take the proper supplements your body needs for optimal health.* Then you can close the loop by retesting, so you can see how you, your health scores and biomarkers have changed. Viome gives you the tools to keep up your momentum, and help you move along on your personal health journey.