Custom Probiotics

Discover how easy it is to get all of the all the strains your body needs at the proper dosages to help improve digestion, reduce inflammation, gas and bloating, and increase your energy levels and well being. Take the guesswork out of choosing your probiotics blend.


What are Custom Probiotics?

Custom probiotics are the best probiotics for your gut health, formulated based on your unique gut flora. While most probiotics can be bought in capsules at the natural foods or supplements store, Viome’s Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics are personalized for your unique gut health needs. That means you are getting all the strains at the proper dosages to help improve digestion, reduce inflammation, gas and bloating, and increase your energy levels and well being.

The Problem with OTC and Prescribed Probiotics

Doctor-prescribed probiotics, over-the-counter (OTC) probiotics and various pharmaceuticals for gut health are designed for the masses. The problem is that each and every person has a unique gut microbiome, made up of trillions of gut bacteria, considered both good and bad depending on what the microbes do and produce in your microbiome.

These mass produced probiotics typically contain just a handful of strains of bacteria. However, your gut contains more than 8,000 strains. Some people need more of some strains, while others need different strains. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. That’s why custom probiotics have the best chance of improving your gut health.

But don’t take our word for it. The Viome Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics plan comes with a Gut Intelligence Test, which provides 20+ scores that reveal insight about your gut microbiome health including Inflammatory Activity, Gut Lining Health, Digestive Efficiency, and more. Additionally, you get nutrition insights and recommendations, which help you eat the foods to best heal and balance your unique gut. When you are ready you can order a new Gut Intelligence Test, and retest to monitor changes to your gut health in the Viome app.

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Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics with Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test


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How your Custom Probiotics + Prebiotics Subscription Works

Instead of shopping the aisles and buying jar after jar of pre and probiotics that may or may not work, we have an easy process to get you the perfect custom probiotic formula. With Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics, we take out the guessing game. Here’s how it works:


We ship you a Gut Intelligence Test. This is an easy at-home stool test that will provide accurate insights to your gut health.


The information from your test is decoded with the help of our Lab, Translational Science, and AI teams.

View Your Results:

Your results and recommendation are downloaded into the Viome app, and your personalized probiotics + prebiotics formula is prepared.

Customized Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics formulated from your test results are delivered in a sleek box to your door every month. Mix the powder with a glass of water, juice, or your protein shake each day and enjoy!

Measuring the Effects of your Custom Probiotics

The problem with probiotics that you purchase in the store is that you don’t know if it is truly right for you, and it’s difficult to know if it is truly working. With Viome’s personalized probiotics + prebiotics, you are able to actually measure and see your results in the Viome app. We help you measure your health, adjust your diet accordingly, and take the proper probiotic strains your body needs for optimal health. Then you can close the loop by retesting, so you can see how your gut health scores have changed. Depending on your progress, your custom probiotics formula may be adjusted. 

We provide all of the tools to keep up your momentum, and help you move along on your personal health journey.

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