Viome Annual Plan

  • Easy to use, in-home testing kits sent once a year.
  • Analysis of your stool sample to determine your gut health.
  • Analysis of your metabolism using a nutritional challenge shake and simple in-home measurements.
  • Enhance your, mood, energy, well-being and performance.

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Find Your Balance

Ready to achieve maximum health & wellness?

We give you the most comprehensive assessment of your internal ecosystem
and empower you with simple, personalized recommendations.

Metabolic Intelligence

Determines the unique way your body processes food into energy.

Gut Intelligence

Identifies the overall health and the biochemical activity of the trillions of microbes in your gut.

Why Viome?

Large changes in your gut microbiome can’t be measured  by commonly used technologies (16S) due to their poor resolution (genus level and higher). Viome’s proprietary technology accurately measures all changes in your gut microbiome and quantifies its biochemical activities. Imagine the resolution of the Hubble telescope being applied to your inner universe! At this ultra-high resolution, your gut microbiome is only 5% similar to others—unlike the analysis from commonly available technologies indicating 97% similarity. Since you are so unique, you and your 40 trillion microbial friends deserve personalized nutrition!

You have 20,000 genes.
Your 40 trillion friends have 800,000 genes!

How unique are you?
DNA: 99% commonality
Microbiome: only 5% commonality

You and your 40 trillion microbial friends
deserve personalized nutrition!



We send you a kit that contains the materials you need to collect your samples, all from the comfort of your own home (no physician or lab visit required!).


Your samples are processed in our state-of-the-art facility to generate a picture of your body at a detailed molecular level.


Our expertly-trained artificial intelligence engine generates immediately actionable diet, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

Track your progress over time

We’re In This Together

Viome is not just a one-time test, but your true wellness companion.
It adapts its recommendations to your changing body by examining it regularly,
so you are always aware and taking action towards maximizing your energy, vitality, and well-being.

Different Kind of Wellness Journey
Meet Vie, Your Companion App

Powered by artificial intelligence, Vie offers personalized wellness tips that fit easily into your daily life.

With Vie, you are always connected to a snapshot of your evolving wellness needs and your progress towards an optimal you.