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Full Body
Intelligence™ Test

Gut Microbiome + Human Cells + Oral

Our Full Body Intelligence™ Test is our most advanced, holistic test to date and offers actionable nutrition recommendations to optimize digestion, immunity, oral health, cardiovascular health, mental health, how you're aging internally, and more.

8 high-level Integrative Health scores (supported by over 50+ subscores) determine your food and supplement recommendations for the next 4-6 months.

Sample collection: Stool + Blood + Saliva


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Struggling with

Test and discover why.

Occasional bloating

Stomach discomfort

Poor digestion

Difficulty losing weight

Low energy & fatigue

Feelings of anxiousness

Brain Fog

Difficulty falling or staying asleep

Decreased sex drive

Poor dental health

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8 Integrative
Health Scores

Biological Age

Gut Health

Immune System Health

Oral Health

Brain & Cognitive Health

Heart & Metabolic Health

Cellular & Energy Efficiency

Inflammation Response

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Discover which foods and nutrients support, and which could be harmful to your microbiome

Food helps your body function and repair itself, but no two people digest
food the same way which is why there is no universally healthy food.

Our recommendations take into account:

  • Your unique glycemic response to food
  • Which foods cause your microbes to produce toxins, leading to inflammatory activity
  • Which foods will contribute to boosting beneficial activity, richness, and diversity

Supplement & Probiotic Recommendations

Nutrients that target suboptimal health scores

Start with a test


Test at home. Follow Viome’s easy steps for collection and complete your health questionnaire.

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Receive results. Within 2-3 weeks get valuable health insights based on your biology.

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Activate personalized nutrition. Eat according to your unique food recommendations.

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Supplements & Probiotics. Your formula uniquely created for you. Option to order monthly.

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Results within 2-3 weeks.

What's included:

[Icon] Score

8 Integrative Health Scores

Valuable insights and Integrative Health Scores that adapt over time as you retest

[Icon] Food

Food Recommendations

Your list of food recommendations categorized as Superfoods, Enjoy, Minimize, & Avoid

[Icon] Science


Recommendations for vitamins, food extracts, minerals, amino acids, & herbs

[Icon] Forumula

Probiotic & Prebiotics

Recommendations for prebiotics and probiotics based on your health scores

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Custom Formula

Option to order custom-formulated Precision Supplements & Probiotics + Prebiotics made just for you

Over 500,000 people are

taking control
of their

health with Viome.

"Turned out that almost everything on my Avoid list were things that I ate on a daily basis. With these results, I was handed a way to take my power back. It’s been an amazing journey. This is very personalized. I have lost weight in inches, I feel younger, my husband says I look younger. It’s been an all-around great experience.”

    [Headshot] Suzanne D.

    Suzanne D.

    Viome Customer

    "My mental clarity came back, my physical energy came back, my depressive symptoms were gone, seasonal allergies gone, and just felt much better. Less bloating, I lost a little bit of weight. Overall I just had an extremely positive experience."

      [Headshot] Mark F.

      Mike F.

      Viome Customer

      “I found out that I was putting many of the wrong foods that I liked in my system that were not good for me. Now I’m making better choices, I’m happier, I’m healthier, I have more energy.”

        [Headshot] Katherine D. ~ B/W

        Katherine D.

        Viome Customer

        How our tests and technology
compare with other at-home tests

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        Using proprietary mRNA sequencing technology, we study the gut microbiome, oral microbiome, blood transcriptome, and broader human-microbe interactions throughout the body in unprecedented detail.

        Our AI platform engine connects the activity and patterns of an individual’s biology with the right nutrients that his or her body needs in order to offer dynamic, personalized recommendations.

        DNA Testing

        You can learn a lot about your family ancestry from DNA (your genes), however, it cannot tell you much about why you are experiencing the symptoms you feel right now. DNA remains the same throughout your life which is why food recommendations based on DNA will never change, even if you gain weight or begin to develop a health condition. If your DNA never changes, what changes as you become sick? The answer is your RNA, or “gene expression”. Viome analyzes gene expressions from your microbial and human cells in order to provide you with insights and food and supplements recommendations that will help bring your body back into balance, help you feel better, and keep you healthy.

        Microbiome Testing

        All microbiome testing companies, outside Viome, are focused on microbial DNA and can tell you what organisms are in your gut, but they cannot tell you what these organisms are actually doing inside of your body, or if they are even dead or alive. For example, the same organism can be beneficial in one person and harmful in another, depending on that individual’s unique gut ecosystem. 

        Viome uses metatranscriptomics and sequences the complete ‘transcriptome’ or RNA of each person’s entire microbial community. This allows us to see who is present and alive, and what they are doing (producing harmful toxins or producing beneficial nutrients). This is very different from other gut tests that use ‘metagenomics’ that examine microbial DNA. By looking at functional expressed genes, Viome’s technology is able to determine how various communities may be acting inside of your unique gut ecosystem. 

        Questionnaire-based Testing

        Quiz-based recommendations are often based on generic information like your age, sex, weight, lifestyle, and health goals. It’s easy to want to believe that there’s one diet or supplement out there that can solve all of your problems, but in reality, when it comes to your body’s unique biochemistry, it takes fine-tuning and precise variation. Viome believes the only way to understand what food and supplements you should be consuming is to consult your body. In many instances, eating the wrong “healthy” foods or supplements can, at best, be expensive and underdeliver what they promise. At worst, they can do more harm than good. 

        Food Allergies & Sensitivity Testing

        • Food sensitivity tests are simply measuring antibodies to foods. Foods that show up on your food sensitivity test results may actually be good for you in reality. However, an antibody to that specific food often shows up when you are eating a lot of that food and suffering from a leaky gut. A leaky gut happens when there is damage to the lining of the gut making it more permeable to substances that should not go into your blood, triggering your immune system to make antibodies in response to those substances. Food sensitivity reactions are Immunoglobulins A (IgA), M (IgM), and G (IgG)-mediated immune system responses causing inflammation of the gastrointestinal lining with symptom onset occurring up to 48-72 hours after trigger exposure. 

        • Allergic reactions are immediate immune system responses mediated by Immunoglobulin E (IgE) and can be life-threatening. Viome does not test for IgE which often results in anaphylactic reactions. Food allergies should be overseen and managed by an experienced physician.

        Our science sets us apart

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        We take a holistic, science-forward, data-driven approach to health and nutrition.

        [FBI 3.0] Systems BiologyWe analyze the body using a systems biology approach

        [FBI 3.0] Microbe BehaviorWe examine which microbes are present, and how they're behaving

        [FBI 3.0] Gene ExpressionWe focus on gene expression (mRNA), not genes (DNA).

        Your data is private and secure

        To ensure the confidentiality of your data, we separate users’ personally identifiable information (PII) from protected health information (PHI) and use multiple layers of encryption and access protection. We do not provide your information or results to employers or health insurance. Viome will never sell your data.

        Frequently Asked Questions