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Meet Molly.

One of Viome’s brave team members has offered to share her experience with you.

She’s a little shy, so instead of using her real name, we’ll call her Molly.

“My blood sugar has always been slightly high, and I used to spend hours searching for a diet that would lower it. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, but I chose what I thought was healthy: high protein, good fats, and low carbohydrates.

I tracked my fasting blood sugar over four years of dieting. My first reading was 120, and after countless fluctuations, my last reading was 122. It was obvious that I was doing something wrong.”

Viome kit

“When I saw my Viome results and recommendations, I was shocked. Turns out my ‘healthy’ diet was not healthy for me…”

“Vie, my artificially intelligent companion, walked me through my results. I was surprised to see that my Wellness Index was in the average range. It didn’t reflect the effort I was putting into getting well.

I probably shouldn’t have been surprised, given my blood sugar and a few nagging issues that I was blaming on aging – even though I’m only 42!”


“My Metabolic, Gut, and Body Scores made it easy to understand which areas needed the most improvement. It was clear that my low Metabolic Score was dragging down my overall wellness.”


“After reviewing my scores, Vie helped me dive deeper into my gut health. I learned that bacterial richness and diversity are both associated with overall wellness, and I was happy to see that my diversity was higher than average!”


“I was also pleased to see that I have very little of my own (human) RNA in my gut sample. I now know that low human RNA is associated with lower amounts of cell shedding and lower inflammation.”


“I explored every single functioning microorganism in my gut. Not just bacteria, but also Archaea, Eukaryotes, and Viruses – and all down to the species and strain level.”

My Gut Results

“Vie showed me how my microbiome compares to the microbiomes of two other populations: Everyone and Healthy.

I was disappointed that some of my microbes were less active than in the Healthy cohort, but I learned that the healthy cohort is not the gold standard. I now understand that my microbiome is as unique as my fingerprint, and I should always compare my current results with my future ones.”

bacteroides fragilis card

“I learned that Roseburia hominis is a ‘Good Guy’ bacteria that helps to keep the lining of my intestine healthy. The Roseburia in my gut was even more active than in the healthy population!

Vie taught me that I can I keep this bacteria active by eating the foods on my recommended list, such as leeks, garlic and asparagus.”

 Results GoodGuys

Prevotella melaninogenica is most commonly found in the mouth, and can be associated with periodontal issues. I might have swallowed it during my recent dental cleaning.

If the rest of my microbiome is properly nurtured, my next Gut Intelligence TM test will show that this microbe is being controlled by the ‘Good Guys’.”

Prevotella melaninogenica

“I was concerned to find out that I had Clostridioides difficile because my sister recently had a painful C. diff infection. I hope that the diversity of my other bacteria will keep it from becoming a problem.

Luckily, Vie also recommended specific probiotics that I should be proactively taking.”

Clostridioides difficile

“I was shocked to see that I have 5 different viruses in my microbiome. Some of the them are phages and infect my bacteria, and others are plant viruses. I didn’t realize that plant viruses were part of the human microbiome!

No other company has ever detected viruses before, and it’s reassuring to know that Vie will update me as they become better understood.”

Erwinia phage phiEaH2

“I have a eukaryotic organism active in my gut that could potentially become an issue. Vie suggested that I check with my healthcare provider to confirm and treat it, if needed.”

MyGut Eukaryota

“I’ve been taking probiotics for years, but I’ve never really known if they were working. With Viome, I found out which probiotic bacteria were doing their job, and which ones weren’t.”

viome panel

“After reviewing my results, Vie showed me my personalized recommendations. Based on my molecular profile, I learned that I need to eat a lot more complex carbohydrates.

This is the exact opposite of what the ‘experts’ on the web were telling me to eat.”

ExtremeMetabolizer VieChat

“I used to think that complex carbohydrates were synonymous with whole grains. Thanks to Vie, I understand that non-starchy vegetables are the best complex carbohydrate for me and my microbiome.”

“Vie also showed me my Top Super-Foods, which offer my body and microbiome maximum benefit. It was so helpful to know the specific foods I should aim to eat more.”


“My diet recommendations were divided into four categories: foods to indulge in, enjoy, minimize and avoid.

I couldn’t believe that beets, which I’ve always considered to be healthy, were on my Minimize list.”


“I used to think about food in terms of how many calories I was eating. For me, this was time-consuming and stressful.

Coach Vie made my diet so much easier to understand – all I need to do is look at how much food is on my plate!

Complex carbohydrates should cover more than half of my plate, protein should cover a quarter, and fats, starchy vegetables and grains should make up the rest.”


“Viome has helped me understand that feeding my body starts with feeding my microbiome. After following Vie’s recommendations, my fasting glucose has already improved – my most recent reading was 86! I’m interested to see how this number and my Wellness Scores will change over the next few months.”