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Our Mission

Much of our current healthcare is reactive and is designed to suppress symptoms rather than find the underlying cause of diseases. Almost all chronic conditions have inflammation as an underlying factor. Most inflammation begins in the gut. Our moonshot is to use cutting edge technologies to understand the microbiome at its molecular level and apply these findings to make illness optional. We hope you will join Viome as the pioneer in the wellness revolution!


What To Expect



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What Customers Are Saying

“I can not thank your company enough for developing this tool that not only help me see immediate results from the super food suggestions you recommended for me, but for also developing a tool that doctors and individuals alike can use to monitor and guide the choices we make to improve our microbiome health.”


“I’ve lost 13 lbs, my acne is gone (I’m 41), I don’t belch after each meal, my bloating is gone, I don’t have daily headaches, I feel better, I have more energy, I’m not ravenous all of the time...the list could go on and on... I can’t say thank you all enough!”


“I have been implementing my specific recommendations for a month now and have noticed a tremendous difference in my energy level and overall gut function. I would recommend Viome to everyone as it provides tools and insight for us all to come into balance and vibrancy....from "dis-ease" to a healthy lifestyle.”