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Gut Health Quest

This immersive program, featuring Viome's Clinical Nutrition Team and CEO, Naveen Jain will delve into the critical role of the gut microbiome in overall health, its connection to various health issues, and the science of precision nutrition.

MindValley x Viome - Gut Health Hero

The Curriculum

Viome x Mindvalley - The Curriculum

Gut Health for Better Mind, Body and Longevity is a 7-day program to help support your path to optimal gut health. Each day, you’ll join Viome's CEO, Naveen Jain, and Viome's team of Clinical Nutritionists and Translational Science experts for a 15 - 20 minute video lesson.

Gut Health Quest Trainers

Viome - Hilary Kieser

Hilary Kieser

Translational Science Nutritionist, Supplements at Viome

Hilary Kieser is a Translational Science Nutritionist, Supplements at Viome and she proposes personalized diet and supplement recommendations based on scientific literature review and professional experience.

Viome - Janelle Connell

Janelle Connell

Registered Dietitian and Personalized Nutrition Expert at Viome

Registered Dietitian and Personalized Nutrition Expert with a demonstrated history of working in the health tech industry. Experienced in product development and enhancement. Strong motivational interviewing and behavior change skills.

Viome - Grant Antoine

Grant Antoine

Naturopathic Doctor at Viome

Dr. Grant Antoine is a naturopathic doctor passionate about patient empowerment and education. At Viome, Dr. Antoine is involved in clinical trial design and developing nutritional and supplement interventions for Viome’s user recommendations and efficacy studies.

Gut Quest

Student Stories

“So much useful and life changing information in the short seven days, that we can all implement”

    Vivienne Keytel

    Vivienne Keytel

    Transformation Coach

    Johannesburg, South Africa

    “So much useful and life changing information in the short seven days, that we can all implement”

      Heidi Tyler

      Heidi Tyler

      Life Coach

      Gosport, United Kingdom

      “So much useful and life changing information in the short seven days, that we can all implement”

        Ana Sroka

        Ana Sroka


        Gdynia, Poland

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        Connect with a Mindvalley Coach

        Seeking support on your wellness journey? Through this unique opportunity, Viome users can dive deep into the world of holistic health, supported by experts dedicated to your growth and well-being. Whether you're looking to revolutionize your diet with Viome, enhance your mental clarity, or achieve balance in all areas of life, a Mindvalley Coach is here to light the way.

        Mindvalley Certified

        Nutrition Coaches

        Tap into the collective wisdom of health professionals trained in the latest advancements in nutrition and wellness, all while leveraging the powerful insights provided by Viome.

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        Understand and Improve Gut Health

        Coaches guide users through understanding the significance of gut health and how to improve it using personalized food recommendations based on Viome's metatranscriptomic analysis.

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        Implement Precision Nutrition

        Coaches help users implement precision nutrition strategies that move beyond traditional "one-size-fits-all" dietary recommendations, focusing instead on custom nutrition plans that help support your health by addressing the root causes.


        Make Behavioral and Lifestyle Adjustments

        Beyond nutrition and supplements, coaches support users in making broader lifestyle adjustments, including stress management, sleep improvement, and exercise routines, contributing to a holistic approach to health and wellness.

        Interested in becoming a Mindvalley Nutrition Coach?

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